Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Just Generic Questions People Ask Me

Most of these questions are asked in vernacular. I'll just write them in English here.

1. Why do you always smile?

Why would you question the frequency of my smile? Do you prefer me to not do so? I have had a smiling face since I was a kid. It is a habit now. I do not feel like smiling but I just do. It also gives a polite vibe. I don't want people thinking that I'm not a nice person. Smiling makes me not scare people away. A smile makes other people smile, too. Maybe I keep smiling just to hide the depression. Who knows?

2. What's up with you and bananas?

Most of the time when people ask me this question, I just laugh it off because I do not know either. Haha. I just like bananas, you know. But they aren't my favorite fruit. It's mangoes.

3. Why is Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Services your course? Why not (insert intellectual course here)? You're smart. It's such a waste.

First of all, you little shit, you are not me. You do not know how my mind works and neither do I. At least I have a slight idea how it does. If you know so much about how I live my life, then we should exchange. Oh, wait, we can't do that, can we? Too bad. Stop dictating other people on how to do their shit and start getting yours together. I know my potential. I know my skills. You know I'm smart. Don't you think I already thought what you thought?

4a. You know how to play the (insert musical instrument here)? Can you play (insert song here)? or Can you teach me?

I just sigh at this. These questions are too generic. I'd like to hear a person saying a different phrase for once. Try to be unique. Ugh.

4b. You know how to draw? Can you draw me? Can you draw this? Can you draw that?

I sigh at this, too. It's practically the same question. People are ignorant when they get to know that you have a particular skill. That's why they all ask the same questions. Try answering them yourself, for once. Try putting yourself in my position and be asked the same question. I wonder how you would feel.

5. Is my grammar correct?

You should have known this since elementary school. Where were you during those days?

6. Can I copy your answer?

"rolls eyes*

Don't you think it's unfair to just copy the answer from a person who paid attention? And why would you get mad if I don't let you? Hnnnggghhg I could rant more about this but I don't go to school anymore since October. Thank God I'm done with it. Thank God I've graduated.

7. Can I borrow a pen? Can I have some paper?

Would you like my clothes, too? Would you like some money? Would you like me to pay your tuition? Fuck, man, get your own supplies!

8. What's your course? (I answer HRTS) What's that? Hnnnggghhh...

Please, don't ask me this, just please.

9. Why do you have a manly voice?

I don't know, genetics?

10. How do you do this again?

Why would you even go to school if you don't pay attention to instructions? Why do you always come to me? Why are you so stupid? Can you just please try to figure it out on your own? Don't you know that figuring something out on your own improves brain performance? It also improves your cognitive skills. Of course, cognitive skills are part of the brain performance, but how would you know that? You're dumb as fuck.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Just Made Some Today

You're so sweet
You make me happy
I want you to be mine
You complete me

I want to taste you
Every single day
Oh, Mango Float
Would you please stay?

and never run out?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just People Asking about My Plans

Maybe I should find a job. People keep asking me what my plans are, which I really don't have. I didn't think of what I'd do when I get this far.

I went to the DMMAxim office today. Yuu and Frey were there. Our talk is giving me the feels now. Hnnngghhh...

What job should I find? Maybe I should apply at Marco Polo as a front desk agent. Yeah. Maybe I should. I hope I'll be hired when I do try to apply.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Just that Mom Told Me to Stop Eating So Much

I try to not gain weight but it is hard when I'm surrounded with yummy food. Whatever. I'm gonna eat my heart out. I could lose it if I actually try. Today is not that day.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Just Not Enough Teamwork

It's hard to win when your teammates aren't even trying. No matter how good you are, if all the rest will just drag you down, it is still useless. No matter how much effort you give in to pulling the team up, if the load is too heavy, you couldn't do it. It makes it too hard, even though the task is extremely easy to do.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Just Online Social Isolation

I deactivated my Twitter account yesterday. Everyone seemed depressed. Everyone kept making threads. I couldn't take it. I don't want to worsen mine. There were a lot of hypocrites. My account will truly disappear at December 5. Now, blogger is the only social media account that I have active. I still watch YouTube videos and visit 9gag for passing my time. At least I get to view stuff from people I don't know, which is better than viewing stuff from people that I do know personally.

I went to school today. It wasn't really productive. I have to come back tomorrow morning. Whatever. I'm getting bored staying in my house anyway. I don't get allowance anymore. I can't avail with student discounts anymore. So this is adulthood, huh.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Just Proud of Myself Today

I finally did something productive for a change. I cleaned my room. It's not "clean" clean but I still did it. Now I have to do my laundry next. I keep postponing it. I don't want a heavy load.

Also, I fought my inner demon today. I had to go to church. As I was about to get ready, I was struck by a wave of "I don't want to go to church". I lied down on my bed, thinking if I should sleep to miss the remaining schedule for mass. I forced myself up and got dressed. It's kind of a big deal for me, you know, even if you don't care. What are you doing in this blog anyway if you don't care? Why have you read this far? Lol