Monday, September 18, 2017

Just Thirteenth Day at OG

I logged in at 9. Logged out at 7. Did the beddings, swept the floor, dusted shelves, changed the trash bins, restocked amenities, segregated the received bed sheets and delivered them to designated floors, and cut some newspapers to be used in wiping glass. I kissed Sir Fred and Inah on tnhe cheek. I just feel like kissing people when I wear red lipstick. I haven't kissed anyone on the lips ever in my life, though. I also wish I would be done with my on-the-job training. It's just so tiring. I still have lots of requirements even though I have only 3 subjects.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Just Twelfth Day at OG

I only worked for four hours so I could go to Church. EJ had a black eye. I worked one beddings.

Just Eleventh Day at OG Part 2

It was sir Fred's birthday. He made me make up a double bed again. There were rooms rented by a couple about to be wed. When we were about to clean one, the guest said they'll just call when the room needs cleaning. After that, we rested until 10pm

Friday, September 15, 2017

Just Tenth Day at OG

I went to OG after our exams by 9:30. Speaking of the exam, my hand was shaking while I was holding my pen as I was trying to answer. I was seated in front and I was using my phone by my side. Sir doesn't really care if we cheat, but boy, was I nervous. Back at OG, they were already attending rooms. I tried to some bed making but EJ would come and help/take over. I would end up sweeping or dusting. I went back to school for my English class. As I came back, Sir Fred just timed in. I went to the second floor where Ma'am Beb and Sir Ariel resided. Sir Ariel said that I have already come back but Fred still hasn't arrived. I told them that he already did. They left to Ladislawa and let Sir Fred clean the bathrooms. I stayed with him to help. I logged put at 8pm.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just Ninth Day at OG

Before I went to work, I first went to school to have my Housekeeping NCII assessment. I'm happy to say that I am now competent. After that, I went to OG. I logged in at around 1pm. When I got to the housekeeping office, the RAs were awake. There was a guy sleeping on the floor. It was an old trainee who just came back from their retreat. His name is EJ. Now the office was crowded. When we went to attend rooms, the rooms were also crowded. There are 5 trainees in total: Me, Jerlie, Inah, Dawnna, and EJ. There were also 3 RAs present, making it 8 people. So I went away because I knew I would be a bother if I try to help. The laundry delivery had arrived so I went back to the office with Sir Ariel to assist in receiving. After receiving, they went to attend more rooms. I stayed behind to segregate the bed sheets. Jerlie and I counted the dirty napkins and sorted the linens. After those, there wasn't much to do, yet again. I went to dinner at Jollibee to treat myself for passing NCII. I also applied correction tape on the pad of mini bar slips. I changed the number of items of various snacks to 1. Also, they noticed the drawing I did last night, which I pinned on the cork board. Ma'am Ta-ta showed it to Ma'am Irene,, the OJT in charge, and now she wants me to draw for her. Actually, they all now want me to draw for them. I'm being discovered. Lol. I don't want the attention anymore. This is what I get for showing off.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just Eighth Day at OG

I'm sooo sleepy right now. I don't want to type this now but I have to. I don't really have to, you know, but I need to continue the flow and not break or skip a day. Anyways, I had my yearbook pictorial today. I hope the shots would turn up great. After that, we had our semifinal exam in English. I hope I did well. I think I did, but ma'am would always see the errors for further improvements.

So, my eight day of training at Orange Grove Hotel... There was not much to do. Sir Fred would cover the night shift while Sir Jimboy would cover the graveyard shift. Today is also ma'am Beb's birthday, but it's her day off. She left money for lechon, though. There was really not much to do. Ma'am Larry/Larrie asked us to clean the admin's office even though I vacuumed it yesterday. We cleaned it anyway while we were placing bath towels in rooms that did not have them. After that, there wasn't really anything, to be honest, so Sir Fred made me do his calculus assignment. I was like wtf. Haha. But I didn't mind, though, because I like math.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just Seventh Day at OG

I arrived around 12:30pm. Everyone  was on a break. Because there were a lot of us, only two attended rooms and the rest went to clean the hallway. The people from Sales asked us to vacuum their office, also to include the Admin's office. I did it. It wasn't really a busy day. Every one was sleepy. I can't believe I'm saying this but I missed Sir Fred. Haha. It's his day off, you see. I completed a sudoku puzzle with the free time I had. I'm not gonna go for other minor details anymore because they weren't that important. Also, I met Sir Ariel's daughter.