Sunday, June 21, 2015

Just a Post that's not Making any Sense

Screw insomnia. I'm sleeping forever. Lol, joke. I'm kidding.

I know you aren't supposed to joke about these things. I read once in a book that when a person jokes about death, then that person may be suicidal. But I assure you I won't kill myself or harm myself on purpose.

I am sorry for being an attention-seeker. But hey, someone told me that we all seek for attention. Even you seek for attention. Why else would we talk to other people? We cannot deny it.

My opinion sucks. I can't defend myself. I don't know how to voice out. I don't like self-pity, yet I am doing it myself. I'm a hypocrite. I should stop now.

So nobody reads my blog and it's okay. I like it that way. I just post what I want to say. So I can reread it on a free day. I also think blogs are gay. I just do this to make a rhyme, hey! I should stop now.

I don't like promises. The future is uncertain. Feelings change. Circumstances change. It's a sin not to keep a promise. Broken promises disappoint people. I don't want people to be disappointed. Who wants to be disappointed? Why is it supposed to be like this? I'll just answer it. The cliche answer is so we could learn. The quote stating "Everything happens for a reason" is used often. If you can't think of a reason, it would serve as a lesson. See how the sentences of this paragraph connect? No? Me, too. I won't edit it anymore. Too tiring. Nobody reads it anyway. I keep stating that no one reads my blog. But what if someone does? A few actually visits my blog. That only happens once in a blue moon. So yeah, I might be exaggerating if I say that nobody reads my blog. So I should stop now.

I should share about these few months. Should I? I don't like reading long paragraphs. If you are like that too, please forgive me. Forgive me too for not being that interesting. Where am I? Oh yeah. These last few months. Last time I was sad was in April. But that was because of hormones. I hate hormones. Don't ask why hormones. Why am I sharing this? Whatever. Okay. So after that I made new friends. I forgot I was sad. It may seem they are a distraction. But they are actually a cure, one of the cures.

I made these friends through my on-the-job training, at a bakery/cafe. Maybe I just needed to go out more. I don't like going out. If I need to go out, I need tons of money. I know I can go out with friends without spending too much but some things are too tempting.

Bah, this post is getting long. I'll just cut it short. I am happy now. But I still have those blank moments where I think about death. Like come on, we all have those moments.

I'm afraid I might jinx this. Whatever. I accept what the future has to offer.

Btw, I'm not schizophrenic, I think.

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