Friday, July 17, 2015

Just a Day of Bad Luck

July 15, 2015

I woke up at 4 am to get started on my feature article. It all went well. I started preparing for school by 6:30. My class started at 7:30. I arrived at school by 8. I started my day by being 30 minutes late. Being late wasn't that bad. I didn't care because we already finished our prelim exam. Class ended at 8:10. It was supposed to end by 8:30 but the teacher ended it early because they only did was check our test answers. And on the test two on of the exam I got an NFI or Not Following Instruction. So, I got a ZERO out of ten on test two.

I had 1 hour and 15 minutes vacant before the next class. I decided to use the time to start my 2-hour requirement office duty for the school publication. I went to the office. No one was there. There was a reminder on the board to clean the outside of the office. I did just that and sat down. I chatted with my friend in messenger using my phone.

By 9:20, I left the office and proceeded to the classroom. My classmate borrowed my phone for a while to check the text message he sent me last night for our Job Enabling English Proficiency (JEEP) class. I changed the screen timeout of the phone from 15 seconds to 5 minutes to allow him to use it better. When he returned it, I tried to change the time-out back to 15 seconds, but the phone shut down unexpectedly. It went wacko and got broken.

Anyways, our teacher came and we checked our assignments.After the class, I thought the next teacher would come back by 11:00.Because she would give us 30 minutes of her time for our break. It was only 10:30. I lost my USB connector yesterday. I thought I left it at the library, so I went there to get it back. The librarian said the staff didn't see any USB connectors. By then, my USB connector was officially gone.

It was 11:00. I went back to the classroom. The teacher was already there.The exam already started. It didn't matter to me. I finished the test first. I forgot the answer to two items. Still didn't matter. The teacher said to that those who have already finished the test can go. It was 11:15. My next class was at 1:00 pm. I decided to use my vacant time to continue my office duty. I arrived at the office by 11:25. I stayed there and asked the people there what I should do with my broken phone. They said that I need to reboot it. Rebooting would mean I would lose all my data there. F***. I didn't have money to fix my phone. Whatever.

My school publication mates and I talked. I ate my lunch. One wanted me to treat him. They said I have a lot of money. I said that I don't love my money that much to set it free. Haha. I crammed for my exam in my next class. There were many distractions there.

I left the office by 12:50. I finished the required 2 hours. I still had an exam in my next class. I went to the classroom.The teacher still wasn't there. I still had a little more time to study. And by study, I meant cram. The teacher came by moments later. We started the exam. I could answer most of the questions. After I finished 3/5 of the exam, my teacher caught my classmate cheating using a cheat sheet. She said that if one is caught cheating, then all of us will pay. So, we all failed at our prelim exam for the HRM100 course. I was kind of indifferent about this case, even though I shouldn't be. But it didn't really bother me. Huh. It was my habit that when I am frustrated, I break pencils. I didn't have any pencils with me. Instead, I broke my pen.

Anyways, the class ended early. My classmate and I still had to go to a resort to endorse ourselves for our training. But before that, we had to support our other classmate for the pre-selection of a pageant she attended at school. We waited for her turn and my classmate and I left early. We rode a jeep to the resort. While on the way, the jeep broke down. Coincidentally, it broke down in front of a psychiatric infirmary.

Now, the date was 15. I tend to overthink things whether it was destiny or just a coincidence. I thought the date was 15. 1+5=6. 6 is the devil's number, which explains the flood of disasters happening that day. The psychiatric infirmary made it worse. It made me feel that I should go there for overthinking these things. Nah.

We got to the resort. After we finished our business there, I went back to the school to return some papers and get updated on the school publication. I realized that I broke my headgear that was clipped unto my ID sling.

I went home afterwards and went home fine. The things that happened that day didn't bother me too much. The thing that etched a little was my broken phone. I thought a third party or unexplainable being was just testing me. Too bad "it" failed.


  1. You sure had a really long and bad day, Lana. Well, things like these are bound to happen to everyone. For me, life is a cycle of good and bad stuff. So, I'm sure a good day is on its way to you now after going through these series of misfortunes. I hope you get everything fixed, including your phone.

    Cordia Remsen @ RBSMN

  2. Hi Cordia. Thanks for your concern. I didn't really care about what happened. And as for my phone, it's still broken. I am now using the phone I had before. And it's almost broken now. haha. I guess no phones will last if I am the one who is going to own one.