Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just Another One of Those Blank Moments

When I thought of death, an unborn child was found. Why must Someone send me such messages?

I'm getting out of my mind. What I'm doing right now isn't good for me.

I need a permanent cure.

I'm starting to doubt reality.


I shouldn't think too much.

I shouldn't think of things in such ways.


If I talk to a guy about my problems, he would eventually fall in love with me. I don't like that. If I talk to a girl, well, she will probably give me advice that I already know.

I can not stop these thoughts. They run through  my head, yet they do not make sense with each other.

Hah. When I'm with other people I stop thinking these things.


I'm a banana.

Hmmm... Am I really psychotic?

Maybe I just need some attention.

Give me attention~ I need it now~ Too much distance~ To measure it out, out now~

Glob it. You can stop reading now. Hahaha. I just needed something to post here. Welp, bye.

Lol, joke, still here.

Damn, why am I like this.

Ok. Post ends here now, literally.

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