Sunday, January 17, 2016

Just... because

Telling people you're not suicidal and you actually are, doesn't make sense. That's what I'm doing. I am reassuring you I'm not suicidal, but I want it all to end already. Eighteen years is enough. Why, you ask? It's because I want to die pretty, even though I'm not that good-looking.

I may have visited 9gag too much. The thing that made me want to end it all is that one post in that site, which states "Isn't it unfair to be born out of nowhere and be forced to go to school, have a job, and die in the end?" Everything is tiresome these days. I'm planning to drink the hazardous chemicals here at home. But I know it will just be a failed attempt. I like failing on purpose. Seeing the smiles of my enemies in games gives a light thump in my chest. Haha. Okay.

So I started my second course in college last June. The first one was Bachelor of science in Accountancy. I only went to school in that course for 2 weeks. My second course is based on hospitality, with only two years, and guess what, I didn't enroll for the second semester. It's too tiresome. I will now be under the new curriculum which is K-12 if I try to enroll again. Dammit.

I'll just leave this here to calm myself. It's from tumblr. Okay. Bye.

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