Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just How Things Are

There's not much to write about when you haven't left the house for 3 months. Maybe I just need to get out. There's nothing to live for. I want to drink that poisonous substance laying there by the garage and end it all. There will be no worries because I don't have to when I'm dead.

If you must know, I did not enroll for the second semester in school. For me, everything is tiring. And again, I don't want to live anymore. The reason why is that everything is a cycle and have no meaning for me.

Feel free to comment on my post if you want to. I'm looking for some internet friends with no intention to ever meet.


  1. I once (back in 2009) went 9 months without leaving the house, only got out eventually because I met the guy who would later become my boyfriend.

  2. i can be your boyfriend jema. this is justin bieber.