Monday, February 08, 2016

Just a Little Talk

Let's talk about feelings.

Wait. How about no. Let's talk about something else. sadffdsaasdf. Why am I thinking about you right now? Why? Please answer. It was supposed to be the other guy I should be thinking about and now it's you. Just, why?

I want to hang out at the same time I don' want to hang out. I want to be by your side at the same time I don't like the thought being right next to you. Please stop messing around. Stop f!@$%^& around with my emotions. I like it better when I'm numb. That was a song reference just there. Haha.

Again. Why am I thinking about you? Is it something you have said? Is it the way that you are? Please tell me. I know I wont get the answer by typing it here. But could you just... please? I don't like this. Please go away now.

But you're still here. And I'm still here. Oh why, just why?

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