Monday, February 29, 2016

Just a Long Dream

I had the benefit of dreaming of you. Not just you, the others too. Also, one time, I dreamed that Thomas Brodie-Sangster was one of us. It's such a shame I had to wake up.

I had another dream. I was half-dead. My eyes were half opened. My body was paralyzed. I wished it was over. Everyone was trying to keep me alive. All because I was in shock. All because the police tried to arrest me. All because I tried to steal something.

But before all that, my dream was awesome. I was with other celebrities. I was blonde and Caucasian. We were shooting a film. I was a stunt double. I didn't know that until later. I didn't have the qualifications to be a stunt double. I was lousy.

The time went by and the scene came where I seized the villain and pinned him on the ground. The other bad guys took pictures and sent it somewhere. That ruined the company's reputation. Then came the fighting scene. The main character started to fight with the villain. It was funny on that scene because we were shooting, and we were supposed to be unconscious in the scene, so we sat down and watched the fight scene. I laughed when the heroine first punched the bad guy because she reallly didn't hit him but the guy fell down and everyone else had a late reaction. Haha. You should've seen it. It was really funny. It was awesome. All until the part that I was half dead.

The scene shifted after the bad guy took the GSP pin of the heroine and the shooting was almost over. I think it was over, because the other main character actress was helping me practice the award as the best stunt double, because the other actors of the film we were shooting won awards.

My dream shifted from there. It was another part of my dream. I dreamed of stealing a 500-peso bill from Simon Cowell. It was in school, Assumption College of Davao, in fact. We ran. While running, I saw a 1000-peso bill. Lucky me. So, we went to a stall to have it changes so the three of us can share. I guess the lady took too long because Simon's co-judges saw us and police came. We ran again and got separated. I hid in the backstage, saw other kids that looked like from the Simpsons. I later know that  they are also criminals. I became Lisa Simpson.

The kids couldn't take it anymore so they confessed their guilt to each other. Then one by one, they went onstage to perform. I was till in the backstage when Milhouse Van Houten came and called the cops. I tried to escape to the stage with the others. They were still singing. That was the time my body was paralyzed and became Rodrigo Duterte. I know. Weird dream, right?

Anyway, many people tried to carry my body to the hospital, and the dream shifted to my home. I was sitting up on the floor. That was the time my eyes were half-opened, body still paralyzed. I was my old self, no longer Caucasian nor Rody Duterte nor Lisa Simpson. In front of me were a keyboard and food. My family was taking turns on taking care of me. First my mom, then dad, then sister. My sister was trying to feed me but my mouth wouldn't open. Everything was stiff. I fell down to the floor. She tried to hold the tears while trying to feed me.

Then the dream started to shift again. It was all a dream as if nothing happened. I was able to walk again. I was trying to cross a street with my mom and dad. I said I can handle myself and that they should leave me alone. They did for a while then they saw me almost get hit by a car. So they tried to guide me.  They guided me to a jeep. Mom tried to get us on a wrong jeep. Dad got mad at her.

Then I rose awake. Pretty long dream, right? I almost forget my dreams every time. But this time, I remember the long version. Maybe because I typed this just after I woke up. Haha.

What I like with sleep is that it is like teleporting from one time to another. While teleporting, you experience dreams.

Thanks for reading all the way through, though.

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