Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just a Message to You Part 4

I was excited two weeks ago.

Two weeks passed, and still no date. How could we? You weren't ready. My friend said that if you were ready to go on a date you would do everything in your power just to make that happen. But you didn't. Three days ago you said that you want a group date, and not just the two of us. I'm okay with it, but the date never really happened.

Our date was supposed to be two weeks ago. It got postponed today. But still, no date happened. It's okay. I guess it wasn't meant to be. We will still remain acquaintances though. Acquaintances, or friends? I like the sound of friends. I guess we are friends. Haha.

So what now? I guess I should move on. These feelings are gone now. You made me. You're still good looking though. And you should pay me for the drawing I made for you. Haha.

Our cat is sitting on our chair. Random.

What else should I say? I guess I got the closure I wanted, even though there wasn't an us. The closure posted in a blog. Huh. Nice. I don't think you'll read this though, or would you? You already know the URL to my blog so I don't know what to expect. Our cat is still looking at our food, waiting to steal it at any moment. I can't bear to look at his eyes. He looks so cute and so hungry. LOL. Now he jumped down to the floor. I don't know what he's up to.

I guess this is goodbye for now. See you when I visit again. :)

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