Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just Something I Wrote Beside You

One day you told me that if our horizons meet, you would tell me something. It would change my whole world. That something was what I longed for, you said. But it never happened. You died on the way. So my world remained the same.

But it wasn’t the same. My whole world changed since you left. Everything became black and white. The once colorful skies became dull and grey. The pink and yellow horizons became black and white. The chromatic aurora borealis became shades of black.

I longed for the day of your return. But you never came back. I cried almost every day for a month. You didn’t tell me where you were going. You left me here… alone… with no one to talk to.

It was so unfair of you. You left me hanging. You left me longing for the day that our horizons meet, and you just left me. What was that that you were going to say? What were you going to say that day? You changed my world without it ever happening. What kind of magic was that? That was the greatest trick yet!

So here I am… all alone… with no one to talk to. I’m feeling something… something in my chest. I feel like my heart is going to explode in a minute. That way, we will meet. That way, our horizons will meet.

But my heart didn’t explode. I am still here. It is not time yet. I have to wait a little longer. Maybe I should meet another person. You left me here waiting, with no one to talk to, all alone. Yeah, I should see other people.

I can’t take it. I can’t do it. You still linger in my head. You’re still there. I can’t change that. I can’t see other people. You left me here… all alone… with no one to talk to.

I feel it… in my chest… my heart… exploding… maybe not exploding… but I feel something.
It is you dying. You are dead. But you are still dying. Maybe I can still save you. I should try to save you. I should’ve stopped you when you left. But I didn’t.

And I am here left all alone… with no one to talk to…

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