Sunday, March 06, 2016

Just a Funny Thing and Actually My 100th Post

So I've got to share this because I can't get it out of my head and I keep laughing my ass off right here. It's also worth remembering and sharing. So earlier, I went to the DMMAxim office, you know, the school publication I was in, to visit, and while staying there, my batchmate was lying down on the sofa, with his legs rested on the backrest. He had a rip on his pants by the crotch area. I didn't mind telling him 'cause I think he knows already. We were watching TV. Sometime later, without him noticing that I notice him, he reached his hand into the rip in his pants and scratched his crotch. After he did it, I thought to myself "smell your hand". And guess what? He did just that. I stood up and burst into laughter. He asked me why I was laughing. I told him what happened. And he just didn't mind and just smiled. Man, you should've seen it. It was funny in a disgusting way. It was disgustingly funny! XD

Also, last friday, I visited too. They were practicing a dance, and this other batchmate was talking to our senior about some matters. While they talked, I saw my batchmate reach into his pants. I just stared while he did that, not thinking it was funny at all and that it was very disgusting. Little did I know that my other senior saw that too and said "Ayaw ana, Ford" ("Not like that, Ford" or something like that) and "Unsa man na Ford uy" ("What the heck is that Ford"). Ford did not hear my other senior and I looked at him and laughed, hard. It was the way he said it that made me laugh. It's still funny until now. Haha.

The first one was waaaaay funnier. I can't see him the same way again. LOL

Shout out to Kristine and Reuxben. @Kristine: I've posted a happy moment and drew it. Haha. Hope you like it. ^_^

Edit: This is actually my 100th post, not the other one. I did not realize that I have a draft that I did not post. So yeah.

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