Thursday, March 24, 2016

Just Music

I was about to upload a video about me playing guitar, revealing my face, but it seems that it exceeded the MB limit to upload. It's sad that you won't be able to see my face, yet. Like I said in my description, I am a musician. I can play a variety of instruments. They are guitar, banduria, oktabina, laud, violin, cello, bass, piano, flute, flute recorder, cymbals, castanets, the triangle, xylophone, and lyre. I know they're a handful, and I am proud to know how to play them. I am a musician, yet I don't know how to cifra. That's my only weakness. I can't sing that well too. When I was learning to play the guitar in Rondalla, we weren't allowed to sing. Haha. How sad.


  1. Woah. You're incredibly talented! And from the playlist, I can tell you have a great taste in music as well. :)

    1. Thank you :D It feels good for someone to appreciate ^_^