Monday, March 28, 2016

Just a Sh*tty Flower Poem

A flower
that I picked in the garden
I pluck the petals one by one
they also fall one by one
it ends with "He loves me not."
I fall to my knees
I cover my eyes
I hold my chest
He saw me, weak and fragile
he took my hands
and saw tears in my eyes
he wiped them away
He held my face
with his right hand
it was warm and rough
filled with callus
from all the work he has done
he said he was leaving me
I held my gut
then he went away
I turned around to the garden
where I picked the flower
I saw all around
they weren't in color
I never thought that destiny
could be so harsh
I never thought that the petals
could never been more right
The flower, that is now black and white

I know, not one of my best poems. That's why I added "sh*tty" in the title.

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