Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just Skip This Post (What's in a Name?)

Okay. So I am admitting something big with you. Maybe it's better that you skip reading this post. I was not planning on telling you this. But I guess you have to know.

My real name is not Lana Slaybell. Some of you may already know my real name, 'cause some of you are my real life friends. I guess I already have told you this in the post explaining my trademark that my initials are JC.

I like the name Lana Slaybell. It is a made-up name, and a unique one, too. I have created a pseudonym for myself so I can use it if ever I will become an author of a book, just like Dr. Seuss. It's a shame I wasn't able to use Lana Slaybell as a pseudonym in the lampoon issue of Duh! Mock! Shame! (DMMAxim). "Lana", in my native dialect, means "oil". Oil doesn't mix. Just like me, I don't like to mix with people. "Slaybell", hmmm, I guess there is no hidden message behind this last name. I made the name Slaybell when I was in a psychotic frenzy, always overthinking until I reached another world, kind of a schizophrenic world... where I was sinking in a deep abyss... ok. 'Nuff about that.

My real name. It is really tough admitting it here. My real name is precious. My father really thought hard about it. It is a combination of two religious names. That's what I like about it. First syllable stands for Jesus, the second, Mary. JeMa. My first name is Jema. My mom while she was pregnant with me, she watched TV and thought that Christine Jacob from a local show was very pretty, so she named me Christine. My second name is Christine. Jema Christine. My country was colonized by Spaniards for 333 years. Filipinos had to fight them and had to take on Spanish surnames. My middle name is Spanish, with the meaning, "breast". My middle name is Seno, my mother's maiden name, initialized as S. Jema Christine S. Finally, my last name, is the same with a famous corrupt Filipino politician, even though we are not related. My last name is Enrile. My full name is Jema Christine S. Enrile.

I already told her that it was J-E-M-A
and she still manages  to get it
wrong. The smiley face doesn't
make up for it.
What's tough about my name is that MS Word always thinks that it is spelled wrong. That breaks my heart :'( Also, I can't find my name in Coca-cola bottles or souvenir shops. People can't even spell it right the first time they write it. Some even still gets it wrong even when I have already told them the spelling.They always spell it as Gemma, Jemma, or Gema. Guys, it's J-E-M-A, JEMA. J for jaguar, not G, only one M. Got it? People also get the pronunciation wrong. They pronounce it as JIIIMA, instead for just plain old Je-ma. Come on people, you can get all the other things about me wrong, but get my name right.


  1. You rock!!!! So fucking awesome I'm trying to subscribe to your blog but this dumb ass iPhone won't let me great!!!!

    1. Haha! Thanks! :) Try using a computer. You will only use it once just to subscribe anyway. Haha.