Saturday, April 02, 2016

Just Hypoxia

I am deprived of oxygen. My hand turned purplish blue. I got hypoxia when I tried to hang myself. But I was saved. My body suffered the consequence...

LOL jk. That's just blue and pink dye. Hahaha. Belated Happy April Fools!

I dyed my sister's hair pink and blue. The pink was supposed to be purple. I guess that happens in dyes. Check it out in her blog here. Thanks to her, my hand looks really sick and gross now.

It kinda looks like hypoxia. It feels hypoxia too. The flesh beneath my nails are in pain. I can feel my bloodstream rushing through my fingers. I feel my pulse beating in my fingertips. I am in agony. The wound beneath my left middle fingernail made the pain worse.

I had more ideas to type regarding my fingers. But I guess I forgot them with all the pain I'm feeling.

Edit: My fatty sister says it's hypoxia, not asphyxia.

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  1. I am sorry about your hand. They made my hair pretty. <3 Thanks!