Sunday, April 03, 2016

Just My Day

Today, I slept at 5am, because you know, I dyed my sis' hair. I woke up like 10 or 11 am. I knew there would be a water interruption and I didn't care. I have to fix my hands before the event I was going to attend at 6pm. So I fixed myself up. I left the house at 12-ish and brought with me the keyboard so I could deliver it to school. You see, I'll be doing an intermission later and I it would be difficult for me to bring the keyboard while wearing a dress. I went outside carrying the keyboard when I realized we're not allowed to enter school premises while wearing shorts. I decided it was already too late to change and I thought that I had special privileges anyway as part of the student publication.

After I delivered the keyboard I went to the salon. When I got there all the nail artists are occupied. I decided to get my eyebrows trimmed first while waiting. The lady suggested that I do threading instead of shaving. So I went for it. It really hurt. It was worse than getting your heart broken, not that I have experienced any heartaches. I also had my hair done. You can see the hairstyle+nails below:

I asked my sister to do my make-up by 4pm. But the mani-pedi took longer than expected, 'cause you know, blue hands and nails. I got home by 6pm. Our event starts at 6pm. My sister left the house because we planned 4pm, and I wasn't there at 4pm. I texted her where she was. She said she was at the mall. She left because our plan was 4pm. I told her that it was her fault that the manicure took too long because of the blue dye. She texted that I should start putting on BB cream. She got home. She finished doing the make up around 7. I'm 1 hr late. But luckily it just started when I arrived. Below is a sample of her make-up and a sample of my face. Yeah, I'm finally revealing my face. *drumroll*

I am not this pretty without make-up
My sister really became a master in make-up for the past year because of the workshops in her work. Haha. Thanks Stargazer! Check out her blog again here. It's all about beauty.

I got to play the keyboard during the social night. My colleague didn't want to sing the song I practiced for him so I ended up playing an instrumental of "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. I made many mistakes and it was really boring. When they clapped in the middle of my playing, I forgot what came next. They just laughed and I laughed too.

They announced the new positions of the editorial board. Sir Lonard was promoted as the new Editor-in-Chief. Yeah, I want him to be. He has the potential. He really is responsible. I can see that he does everything for the organization. Harold was the new Associate Editor. I'm really excited for the next Academic Year.

After the event they went swimming. The event was by the school's pool by the way. Sir Cristian was pushed to the pool while wearing his suit. It was epic. I also got the chance to push Harold into the pool and I just learned that he had no intention to swim after I pushed him in. He pretended to lose consciousness when he fell by floating face-down. It made me laugh. I didn't know he had that kind of sense of humor.

I get to have 3 hugs. I got to also kiss two guys on the cheek, one guy twice. I wondered it would have been epic if I kissed that guy on the lips the second time. I also got kissed on the cheek too with the other guy. They also made fun of me being fat again. Haha.

I played the guitar while soaking my feet in the pool. I had no intention to swim because I was traumatized during the poetry night. I sang. I also played the keyboard while they were having fun swimming. I also get to bring home some left over food from the event.

After all that, I went home, took a couple of selfies, uploaded photos, and now typing this post. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading all the way, and you're a good sport for doing so. Haha. Don't worry, I'm ending it now. Here's a potato (I know this isn't 9gag).