Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just Once

Once, I put my brother's phone in the fridge.
Once, I submerged my phone in a basin full of water.
Once, I burned my hand trying to burn paper.
Once, I wounded my pinky when I tried to put it in a pencil sharpener.
Once, I cut my hand with a blade just to see if it would bleed.
Once, I almost drowned in a river while trying to swim.
Once, I almost kissed a guy back in grade school.
Once, I pushed a guy from the rainbow monkey bar.
Once, I burned the Lumpia when frying it.
Once, I hit my neighbor while riding a bike.
Once, I bit my classmate so hard that she bled.
Once, I cried when they told me Tweety was a boy.
Once, I was so crazy I thought I had electrical powers (seriously).
Once, I made a friend cry by telling her she was ugly.
Once, a friend put gum on my hair and I had to cut it by the roots.

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