Friday, April 08, 2016

Just a Poem about Jogging

Drip... drop... drip...

Rolling down from my face
are beads of liquid
they are salty
But they aren't from my eyes,
No, they're perspiration from pores, the tiny holes in my skin
I watch my sweat drop to the ground
Like tears from a sad day
but this day wasn't sad
no, it was far from that
It was tiring, but I wasn't sad
I look down on the floor and I see the sweat form into a pool
The pool in which little creatures could swim in
like the ocean that is deep and just as salty

I feel something touch my skin
It was wet but it wasn't sweat
I guess it's already raining
or maybe just drizzling
The perfect day for jogging...
1,800 seconds, plus 900 more


  1. What a lovely way to describe how jogging feels. I love jogging in the rain, it's really relaxing and peaceful.

  2. Who would have thought this was about Jogging! Haha! It was a pleasant surprise at the end how you described what you thought was the perfect day for jogging.

  3. This is a nice poem! I'm no poet at all, but I love reading poetry.

  4. I actually wouldn't have thought the poem was about jogging if you hadn't said it! I thought it was more profound. hahaha

  5. It's wonderful how words can paint one's experience and feeling when jogging. The descriptions make me visualize someone jogging. This is a very artistic and articulate to describe it.

  6. Haha, you got me there. Nice poem about jogging, most people would think it's something sad instead of jogging, yet you did describe jogging aptly!

  7. Sweat is fat crying. It's good how the poem transitioned from description of sweat to eventually adding a twist of the rain.

  8. Impressive poem of a non so spectacular event! Love it!!!
    Btw, Franc, that's a perfect poem for a runner like you...

  9. Haha! You had me there! I thought it was a sad poem and was wondering where the salty "liquid" was coming from since it wasn't tears! Nice one!

  10. That poem so describes me even after a 5 minute job. I can totally relate. :)

  11. Good one! Jogging in the rain would be a treat. I liked the comparison between sweat, tears and raindrops.

  12. I love walking and jogging in a cold breezy day but not in the rain because I get sick after that.

  13. I like to feel the sweat whenever I jog because it's a sign that I'm burning the calories as I want. I would stop when drizzles comes though.

  14. I can totally relate to this poem! Running has so many emotions when you do it! :)

  15. The dripping salty sweats directly results to sweetness of energy your body generates. Joggling in diverse forms complements the body anatomy.

  16. This is really good, your imagery is amazing.

  17. Ah, so many of us can relate and do know that feeling described in the poem. You did a good job with the writing.