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Just Poem Wars Compilation in Twitter

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Poem Wars is a game we invented as a cure for boredom for poets where each participants have to make a poem consisting of four lines. You get 0 points for not following instructions.

Poem Wars Rules:

Each of us has to make a poem of four lines. And that's probably it.


when the world turned red I remembered what you said when the world turned blue
all I remembered was you

Lights turn green I miss what has been Why is everything yellow? I've been pretty mellow

My days turned black,
Since you've been gone, Take me back, To those cherry red days.

whenever I feel so small I look at the pictures of us and while looking I feel smaller because the photo is out of color

memories fade as photographs turn to sepia vintage polaroids of what had been

In this house of memories,
You're all I see, What has become? To this tore down home.

my world and your world are two worlds apart one filled with positivity and the other negativity

I am boiling water but why is it that it is I who scalds why do I endure the torment of eternal flames

In another universe, In another life, We'll have our chance, Just not in this one.

come early in the morning when there is still dew when it is still cold as the breeze blows because I miss you so

they say life begins at 40 or at 18 or at whatever but i tell you mine began at the first sharp intake of breath i took with you making it hard to breathe

Day by day, I pick up the pieces, Scrub the places where your hands once touched, The cut that you've made, Is now nothing but a —scar.

She was Icarus in flight But he was the sun
To be near was to fall
Into the oceans depth

I like the idea how we shed skin, cells die, and cells regenerate Perhaps some day, the next time we meet Gone is the skin where your touch has lingered

the rain drops from the sky garbage reeking on the streets unpleasing to the eye are the buzzing flying flies

you had me feeling the cliff's edge it's like everything is in sight but everything is in mist it's like i'm on top of it all but any moment i'd drop

We were cars passing by, Not knowing where to go, But somehow collide.

i strike a match, then the wind blows i strike another; it filled me with sorrow i light a candle, to light up the dark now the room is filled with shadows

i kept a box of trinkets and keepsakes each is a memory, a moment but it's time for burning and from ashes, comes the phoenix

A piece of a two-pieced necklace, An unused tissue paper with our names written on it, A piece of string, All of these kept, Even as you left.

People walking, Talking, StuDYING, In this house we call school.

i feel the ember burning
the fire sets ablaze
it burned my body
and i pooped rainbows

red for the blood rush orange for the sunset we had yellow for the dress i wore green for the grass we laid on

I got no place to call home, No people to call friends, Yet all I know, I enjoy my silence.

i never knew back then what this all meant I sought peace in chaotic things Searched for color in black and white i stepped backward instead of forward

here's to girls with fire in their hearts
and to all the people who let them alight

You taught me to break—, Break everything I love, Shatter everything in pieces, Just how you left me alone and find somebody else.

come back to me darling make my days turn blue enlighten me with your stories bring my world anew

some days i shut you out but you are the persistent waters to the cracks you rush, rush, rush with no choice, letting you in

I kept pushing you away, Away is where you are better off without me, Away—where I will never hurt you, Away is being in somebody else's arms.

I look up and see tall trees they are tall, green and high in the sky it is so confusing why would I see tall trees when i am standing in the middle of the city

we continue this senseless dance to a looped song with no rhythm

stuck in the same old pattern, same old melody, but with every repeat, i became alone more than ever

i am a princess a pretty little princess and i wont become queen until i have found my prince

be your own monarch you were meant to ignite hearts and shatter kingdoms not just a queen, a warrior

I'm no princess, But I'm a queen, A queen of my own kingdom, A kingdom who doesn't need a king.

full of bullshits the world hates my opinion maybe i should die and rot in this hellhole

fuck the world leave this place to another universe done with life

Students dying, Students cramming, What's this? Is this death?

Once, you'd light my world Like a thunder striking the night sky Then you burned the bridge And ask why I don't visit

Roses are red Violets are blue I can't be with you To save my tachycardiac grades

With every minute that passes, I go closer and closer, Slowly but surely, Towards my death.

They say that our love was meant to last but even the hardest of stones cannot withstand the tests of time

I feel time passing As I wait for my trial The court's guillotine My final sigh

Our love kept us together but it slowly separated us it was because of the epal named kimberly maraganas

I'm done waging wars, For thinking that you're worth fighting for, And I choose me, Just like you choose your pride.

Time passed by, And I've woken up, Who am I? I muttered repeatedly

Three more steps I got to cross The path will be narrower But I want this

With the face of an angel, How could I know? That you were trying to deceive me, Just like how you played the others

We all call it night Some call it day
These few some are called nocturnals
While we live we get to see what the beauty of the world we should not waste the time we have for time is precious
Could we not talk about the past? and just mutter the present I hate living in it as much as i hate living now

What's a sad song To feelings Words can't tell I am out of melodies

Three more steps I got to cross The path will be narrower But I want this

Sometimes, things never go the way you like them to be

I have had my share of disappointments and failures but never have I imagined to see them in your eyes

Failure Doesn't have To define You

Our sadness is not measured by the downfall of others we have the right to feel without bounds

Why do you try too much it is like sowing in futile lands effort is not good enough in the wrong places

a bullet a target to the chest who said love only pierces? it comes with a bang

How come You light my world up When I am merely A passing glimpse for you?

Flickering lights like the moments that are gone but aren't quite there yet --a lingering feeling

Scroll and troll Search to connect Drop the fa├žade You have no real friends

I used to know you more than anybody else, What have you become, What have we become, Now you're a ghost of someone I used to know

Hands holding Bodies joining Still your soul Can't fill my hole

What happened to the soul That you used to be My ghost Where'd you gooooo

Today will come after yesterday yesterday came before today tomorrow will come after today today came before tomorrow

What's a poem? Not but Line breaks And shitty drama

whenever I get the chance, I step on a crunchy leaf feeling its crunchiness and thinking it's the body of my enemies

Fuck Kim Fuck Jen Fuck Faye Except Jema

Release me from these Thorned metal shackles You call this relationship I call it prison

What is prose? Prolonged bullcrap That could've been A one liner

We grope, we fumble We hope not to tumble But ships sink, castles fall Nothing lasts forever

You used to plant Flowers in my lungs It used to be pretty But I couldn't breathe

I hope to wake up With you gone As I wish That you never came back

My life began With the first sharp intake breath With you Making it hard to breathe

girl ive been waiting for you i was sad for a long time you were my best friend and it was sad to let you go

I've carried my own albatross Like Atlas and the world But like these figures My efforts are nothing but archaic

graffitti on the walls enlightens my mood sometimes theyre just plain messy but most of the time theyre all good

I am cigarette, You used to enjoy me, the addicted you became, You decided I was not good enough for you

Why do I find it easier To open up Through a screen With people who don't care

The waves came And took you back To the bottom of the sea The sea of memories

grim was the shedding of my blood i sliced my hand then my neck the next thing i know, I was dead

You were toxins to my bloostream It was an exhilirating rush But as soon the facade passed I crashed to the truth

The clear terrace is where i sit the dog comes near me and takes a lick he sniffs my butt and shoo him away but i say sorry anyway

My mother was lighting My father was fire And here I am I inherit the seas

i flick my finger and just like that i was riding a cadillac i grimaced as i flew the plane
and there you were sitting there

I gotta fight for my own, Not for you, Not anymore, As I win and see you bleed

I fight battles Behind my face Above my throat Am I alone

i see your scars no matter how well you hide them you can not erase them for they were a grim reminder of where youve been

You better be careful, I bring nothing but trouble, As the night decends, A reckless soul I became

Silence can be violent Like the hurricane's eye The still before the rampage Or an assassin's quiet zone

Perhaps revenge is what I seek, To see you fall, To see you break, As I laugh with victory

We work We serve You complain We explain

We're not elements Made to react We're indicators Made to meet, just that

I sought revenge Like fuel to a madman But like the madman I was delirious

I wish my pain Is a ball So I can spike it all Back to your face

And baby if you ever come knocking on my door again, I'll slam the door shut, Pretending not knowing you, Pretending that I don't want you back

And as you close your eyes tonight, I hope you remember me, Of what could have been, And how you left.

You say you don't care You pretend it doesn't hurt Only your swagger Doesn't hide the stink of your upset

Into the bliss I found in abyss Your lips, I shouldn't miss Can't forget that stupid kiss

I wish something Precious as time Had a price I'll take you

We wake Smiles fake We keep going But to where?

Waste no time For my masterpiece Every step oh so sure But fun not taken away

And when the lights go down And the curtains close All that matters is the light That didn't matter til it was dark

you gave me a cat i named her kat she meows loudly i gave her back

We say our graces Utter no apologies Shuddering from the traces Of endocrinology

16 chapter One night What I did Sleep

I wonder what if the cars collided with me that if i leave this world, i would have left it with an impact

I say sleep is what I want, When all I ever wanted, Was to go back, To your arms

Nothing compares To that awesome feeling Acing tests Without studying

Waiting for you is like waiting for someone to invent a new color, it may never come, it may be possible by the time that moment comes, it will be beautiful that new color will be my new favorite color

And everyone else will think otherwise and I want you to be that one to invent that color because it will be you who'll know what my favorite things but until that time arrives, I will continue to wait.

Ako'y isang makata Ingles ang aking wika at kahit ito'y hindi Filipino ako pa rin ay isang Pilipino

Pinoy ang dugo ko at ito'y ipagmamalaki ko ngunit dahil sa mga pinuno ako'y kusang dumurugo

Kailan kaya tayo umahon mula dito sa Ikatlong Mundo sa panahon ba kung tapos na o sa panahong gumunaw na ang mundo

My mind is a world of poetry and romance An entrapment of all desires and good things Unfortunately, my chaotic world insists it's existence The tears I shed in solace washes my feelings to oblivion

Only one Moon lights Adam's sky And the void is so vast in space that The Sun and Moon don't share the same sky How sa it is to live like that - alone forever

Lately, I feel like giving up Small talks, trivial things Is this what living is? I just wish to be in Eve's embrace

Closed thy eyes Pain no more Turn to bliss With this kiss

People don't die of germs Instead of pain The kind I harbor tho Will this end me?

Sometimes I forget How to breathe Without drowning

I am a heavy weight The world to your Atlas I am the albatross Around your neck

Clinging on to me Is as good as A vine hanging on To a dying tree

Heart comes heavier with longing Can we go back? If you can just hug me like before Everything will be alright

I hate the feeling Of standing on The edge of a 100m cliff Even with you down there

sometimes we need scars to know what pain is like

Jema, I know you're judging me But please Break this broken heart Gentler than others

One day, I looked up, and the sky was green I looked down, and the grass dried up I figured it would be the end but it really was just a reflection of grief

dear darling, you may not know much about me I may not know much about you but I'd still want to know more about you

fooling my eyes with all the illusion acquiring bruises and contusions I swore I still loved you even though I was bleeding to death

help me dear help me avert my eyes from the horrors that I have seen protect me from the evil within

the lamp glows faintly on the table i wait here silently as the clock ticks I hear a knock on the door and the silence was no more

I opened the door there was no one there i looked down and got really scared

below was an abyss seemingly bottomless I was frightened, scared I closed the door

I went to bed still terrified when I woke up everything was back to normal

come to me darling come to me when you're in need let me wipe your tears away i will wait for you each day

i have scars i acquired through every obstacle i decided to have no more so i stabbed my chest and scars were no more

help me please
help me get through with this help me go on with my life help me move on from death

i grabbed the pills to calm me down but it seemed that i was immune to it already i took more doses than what is needed but it seemed it was too much and my body didn't take it

i feel my neck constricting i am choking i grabbed the belt and buckled it tight but i guess it broke my neck

when you said no everything fell apart you didnt think that everything would depend on your answer but no, you denied everything to exist and slowly, I saw the world crumble into tiny little pieces

@jennicelAcosta:-59.67pts (she had a 100-point deduction for not replying to our messages)

(I just got a deja vu, btw)

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