Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just the Sunrise

As I watch the sky at 4:48 am, I see the clouds slowly moving to the orange-dim blue gradient, preparing the stage for the grand entrance of the sun.
I hear the cocks crow one after another even though they are far away from each other.
They were accompanied by tweeting morning birds forming melodies like an orchestra.
The cold morning breeze gives me comfort as I wait for Mr. Sun to rise up, taking over Ms. Moon and her little darling children stars.

The city lights turn off one by one as it is the sun's turn to give light.
The shadows of the clouds give me the creeps while the orchestra of birds is still playing their symphony.

I patiently wait as the sky slowly changes color. Yellow joins in between the blue and orange gradient.
Dark clouds open slowly like curtains from a theatre, slowly revealing the sun.
Orange-yellow-dim blue-grey are the colors in the sky I see.
I did not know the sky could be filled up with so many colors.

A pretty picture is what I see in this world of ugliness.

I see a cloud formation.
I try to make up its form as it drifts in the wind.
But alas, I cannot decipher this abstract form of art.

Woah! I exclaimed as I begin to see the yellow rays.
They were like a set of lime lights pointing up in the sky.
I still have yet to see the sun.
The clouds begin to catch the paint the sun splattered onto it.
Its tips painted a pretty pink color.

I see orange fade and light purple comes unto the stage.
I see the morning star, Lady Venus, and she wants to star in this mystical performance before the grand entrance of the Sun.
Stripes of pink make their way out, making a perfect pair with the very light sky blue color.

Yellow, light blue, stripes of pink, light purple, light indigo, light blue.
The sight becomes intense as the clouds reveal the mountains.
Lady Venus is still there and higher in the sky.
I can't wait for the sun to come out.

The sky becomes a sea of feathery pink clouds.
Dark clouds drift away revealing the smoky mountain.

I pause my descriptions because I want to witness the moment as my skin and the surroundings brighten up.

The colors interchange.
The west becomes pink and the east becomes yellow.

Lady Venus isn't there anymore.
She hides behind the clouds, because it's the sun's turn to shine.

I then realize that it is only the earth rotating and not the sun rising.

I am getting impatient waiting for the sun to come out.
The world is already bright.

He paints the clouds bright orange before showing up.
And oooh, an airplane passed by.

I am really excited.

He highlights the clouds near him.
They are orange as the fruit.

Kuya guard comes along to watch the sunrise with me.
How romantic.

He then paints the clouds bright yellow.
The clouds are shining bright.

And lo! It's 5:36! He rises, ascending slowly into the sky!
Opening the Heavens into the bright sky blue!


  1. It's indeed a beautiful dawn... Remembering my night camping beneath the stars just before a trek and the early morning after it!

  2. I just love this! It reminds me of waking up in the Caribbean. First the roosters would crow letting you know that it's morning and then the sun will rise. Oh how I miss those days.

  3. That's a beautiful portrayal of a sunrise. Loved your focus on the interchanging colors.

  4. I haven't watched the sun rise in a long time. The last time was when I was still single and had all the time in the world. It is a beautiful thing to witness, a sign of a new day, the beginning of good things to come.

  5. We watched the sunrise in Kiltepan up in Sagada. That was the last time we really purposely waited for the sun to rise. My favorite part of the day. Surprised with the Kuya Guard mention though.

  6. I, too, love watching the sun rise. Seeing the sun appear over the horizon is a sight to behold, one that assures you that the dawning of a new day brings with it hope that things are going to get better.

  7. I always love how you describe sceneries. It's what we actually see but the way you write it gives it more meaning.

  8. Very well written. Words really have a way of painting a picture in our head. This is a lovely prose, making an ordinary day seems like a special event to look forward to.

  9. Proof that there is something beautiful and magnificent in the mundane and ordinary we just have to continue looking. I also love looking at the sky, whatever time of the day it might be. My favorite is when there are loads of puffy clouds above.

  10. I always love the view of sunrise. It's just a symphony of colors that's really easy on the eyes.

  11. I haven't read someone describe the sunrise like that in a long time. Thanks for the beautiful read and I look forward to reading more poems like this. Thanks again!

  12. i love a sunrise and a sunset too. i saw a beautiful sunset when i was on my way home today

  13. It's like trekking back our old life, haha. My husband and I were musicians too, and had the privilege to watch the sun come up too, for several years. In fact, there were times when we would hang out by Manila Bay to watch the magic happen before finally taking the bus home to sleep the whole day off. I get this.

  14. Beautiful! Have experienced some amazing sunrises and they really filled you up with positive energy. Sunsets though make me a bit sad.

  15. Sometimes, reading poems and beautiful sentences remind me to look at the world from a slightly less practical and more romantic view...

  16. A creamy way to take ones breath away for joyous fantasy and patiently savors the pleasures of natures finest!