Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jut a Pot Without the Letter "eth"

o my brother' keyboard can't eem to type a letter. To make the mot of thi tragedy, I'm making a pot without that letter. You can gue what that letter i, but it eem to obviou. Haha. It' weird without it, but it' fun. Let' ee what a pot look like without it, and ee if it i till undertandable. Haha.

Yeterday I went to chool to enroll for ummer cla, but it eem like the dean for my coure i only in for half the day. I hould've went earlier in the morning. It i tiring to move in the morning. When I arrived by the gate I wa already delivered the bad new that I will not be able to enroll that day. I jut went immediately to the DMMAxim office for there i nothing left to do anymore but jut be a bytander there. They had a canteen lip and ordered ome food. I hook the cola bottle for fun and my idiot friend opened it knowing I have hook it later, which reulted to a cola fountain which wet the floor and table. illy him. Haha. We watched "corpion" erie. I only watched 1 epiode. 45 minute per epiode then went home by 5 pm. I decided to walk home to burn ome calorie ince I topped working out lat week. I topped by to buy ome "Kwek Kwek" (A Filipino treetfood that i a boiled duck egg covered in flour) and entered 7/11 with the intention to buy ice cream but bought beef laagna intead. I walked 1 hour from chool to home. I ate the laagna and kwek-kwek when I arrived. They both tate good.

I have alo officially aked omeone to be my "Momol buddy" on Facebook. Haha. You can Google what "momol" i. I won't explain it here. Our firt deignation i thi Friday, but it' till not ure.

A pot about my day i really boring. I'm ure I'm boring you out. Mot of you have topped reading by now.I gue I'll write ome literature without the letter . Proe or poetry? Hmmm. My day i already a proe o I gue poetry for now.

Here it goe:

A imple geture,
a nap of the hand
then come ignite
a imple fire
I light up the dark
to ee your face
a imple geture
and you pout ome water
from your mouth
that i cold a ice

You quenched my thirt
I gave you my warmth
jut like apricity
in the cold winter
I wa fire
and you were water
We were oppoite
I wa yin, you were yang
without each other
we are not complete

I et the foret to ablaze
you damp it to a muh
I heat up the avannah
you cool down the moke
I caue chao and maeltrom
You are peace and tranquility
we are complete oppoite
and they ay they attract
with a imple geture
we make fire and water
with thee imple element
we will rule the world together

When we kied, we let out a team
I wa boiling you  and you were killing me
but the enation it left, it felt o good
we go for another one,
but you weren't ure
becaue if we did, I would ceae to exit
and thi world, I would gladly exit
jut to tate you all over again
Without me, the world would be cold
without me, the world would be dark
but if we did it again, I would die
and reborn a the un
the world wouldn't be a cold
and my ray will till touch and fathom you
the enation will linger
and we'll be together forever


  1. Hahaha. Its funny to read like this but it is understandable!

  2. This was a pretty neat twist, makes you really rethink the little stuff we take for granted.