Sunday, May 29, 2016

Just Link to a Site

So previously, I have said that I am now managing two sites. The first one is this blog and the other one is for the website for The DMMAxim. I forgot to send a link to the site, if you want to check it out. You can view it by clicking here.

And that's probably it. Oh yeah. I have to share this. Our male dog, Ichiro raped our female dog, Joyper. I call it rape because Joyper was crying. Yup. That's pretty much it. We might be expecting puppies soon. Ciao!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Just Ep 5 of Charlie Comics

Long time no update! Sorry, I was just busy lately. Lol jk, I was just really lazy. XD

Prev Episode

Episode 5: Charlie gets a phone call

Charlie: Hello?
Unknown Caller: Come over... I need to tell you something.
Charlie: Okay. I'll be on my way.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Just Something that Fades

I admitted to my friend that I had 3 crushes, all from the same school and organization. But right now, when I think about it, they are all just that, crushes. They fade. They don't really last. The feelings that I had for them, they are gone. Particularly that one guy. I even wondered why I ever had a crush on him.

The weeks of them playing with my feelings are over. It wasn't love I was feeling, it was infatuation. I realized that the first time I started to admire them. I don't claim to be in love until I was really sure. So yeah. I don't have a crush right now.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just (...)

I am already managing two websites. One is my blog, and the other is a website for our student publication, The DMMAxim. I am busy with the latter site since there is a lot of content to be uploaded there. Now, I'm in a tea shop, and I am connected to their free wi-fi. I am trying to upload a release, but it is stored in my phone and I left my connector at the office. I want to borrow Carmela's connector, but she is using it. I am very sleepy. I want to go home, but I don't have enough money for the fare.

Sir Rigo visited the office earlier, and I was very happy.

I don't know what to blog next. I guess I'll end it here. Maybe I'll share to you my companions right now. They are Carmela, Harold, and Ford. Sir Russel left earlier.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Just Olivia

This is one of my new OCs. Her name is Olivia. Yes, it's a she. She is Nanako's female counterpart. You remember Nanako, right? If you don't, his link is here. I like androgynous characters.

Since it's the Philippines' National Elections today, I made this. It's my first time using Paint Tool Sai and only use the touch pad from the laptop. It was a little difficult to use, but somehow it pulled through.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Just My Answer

This is one of the questions in the application form of the DMMAxim from a year ago. I kind of liked my answer, because it is true.

18. "If you will be given a chance to change the world, what will you change and why?"

     I will change the people because the world doesn't need changing. They do. It is the people who have given the world problems. I would change their selfish and egocentric nature into a more loving and empathetic one. There will be no more war, poverty, corruption, hunger, and pollution.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Just the Rain

There is white noise in the background...
it is cold outside...
smoke comes out from my breath...
and I am wet...

I feel the trickle of water on my skin...
my clothes are really heavy...
they are soaked from the sky's tears...
for she has had a loss...
a loss that is truly great...

She has lost the sun...
this will be her last tears...
for the sun will make her cry no more...
because the sun brings tears to the sky...

The sun burst out his love for the sky...
and with that he ceased to exist...
the moon took his place...
and took the opportunity...
to love the sky in lieu of the sun...

But little did I know...
the sky wasn't crying...
It was actually just raining...

PS. It's really coincidentally raining right now.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Just Because He Requested

So days ago, Lonard asked me to blog about "Bakit ka hindi crush ng crush mo? (Why doesn't your crush have a crush on you?)" Well, I don't really have an idea. But for his sake, I will do it.

So why doesn't your crush have a crush on you? I can state a few reasons below. Everything here is my opinion. Therefore, I really didn't do any research regarding this topic, so everything has no basis and is not legit.

1. He/She is gay.

Of all the reasons, I chose this one first. But why? I just thought that it would be funny. Considering earlier in class, our instructor shared to us that she confessed to her crush and it turned out that her crush is actually gay. So yeah, your crush may not be into you because he or she might be attracted to people with the same sex. But if you're gay, and your crush is gay, then good for you! This reason will not affect you in some way. Haha.

2. He/She is married.

Yeah, yeah. Some people may have crushes on married people. Even I have a crush on Gerard Way, and he's married. He's gay too! Don't get me wrong, he may have married a woman and has a kid with her, but that doesn't make him straight. Seriously, he kissed his band mate in the past. Married people should remain loyal to their spouse. So maybe that's why your crush doesn't have a crush on you, because their heart belongs only to their one and only.

3. He/She doesn't know you exist.

Just like Gerard Way, he doesn't know I exist. I think if he knew me, he might have a crush on me. Some married people get crushes, too. But their love remains with their spouse. Try introducing yourself to your crush. Who knows, the moment you get introduced to each other, he/she might get a crush on you. You might even date in the future. So lose your shyness and go for it! Don't be afraid and let your doubts hinder you from having a love life!

4. You're ugly.

No offense, but looks really do matter in the real world. No matter how much you repeat the saying "Do not judge the book by its cover," you still end up doing it. I mean, what are covers there for anyway? Aren't they there for you to judge them? You chose that book because it "looked" interesting. I learned this from watching Phineas and Ferb, that books are really meant to be judged. Sorry if you're not pretty. Maybe you're meant for people who don't judge you by your looks.

5. Your crush likes someone else.

This is a typical and one of the most terrifying reason. He/She is just not into you. There is somebody else. That person has the qualities your crush is looking for. You don't have them, the other person does. So you just have to deal with it. Move on. Find another guy/girl. He's/She's not worth it. If your crush chooses someone else, let it be. You just can't force yourself to a person who likes someone else.

6. You are not his/her type.

We all have different tastes. You might be the decent, pretty, and normal person someone might like, but your crush prefers a more weird, funny, and a beautiful person. That person might be me. So reason #5 and #6 are co-related. Your crush doesn't have a crush on you because he/she has his/her eyes on another person that is just his/her type. Don't worry. Sooner or later, you might find someone who you are compatible with.

7. He/She is not ready.

Your crush might have just recently experienced a heartbreak, and might not be ready to love again. Your crush might be too young and naive to start having feelings for you. Maybe it is not time yet. Maybe your crush is still waiting for the wounds to heal. He/She might have experienced something traumatizing regarding crushes and is afraid to have one again, like I was for almost 10 years. Time will come that he/she will be ready. But as for now, he/she is not.

8. He/She has a mental problem.

You might be having a crush on someone who is mentally retarded, or doesn't have the ability to be attracted to someone. Like my friend, Kim, who claims herself to be asexual. I don't know if being asexual is a mental problem, but that may be one of the reasons why your crush doesn't have a crush on you. Kind of like the emo people, who can't feel anything at all. We, emo people are so numb that we want to feel again. Did I just call myself emo? LOL. I used to be emo. I think I still am now. Not that much anymore, I guess.

That's all the reasons I could think of for now. It's getting late. I have to wake up early tomorrow to have my medical papers processed. I hope these reasons are enough for you. So guys, you have to move on from your crush, and don't hope that they will like you back. Ciao!

Just Fire and Water

I posted this poem before, but it lacked the letter S because the keyboard was broken. I'm re-posting it now to show it's true essence.

Here it goes:

A simple gesture,
a snap of the hand
then comes ignite
a simple fire
I light up the dark
to see your face
a simple gesture
and you spout some water
from your mouth
that is cold as ice

You quenched my thirst
I gave you my warmth
just like apricity
in the cold winter
I was fire
and you were water
We were opposites
I was yin, you were yang
without each other
we are not complete

I set the forest to ablaze
you damp it to a mush
I heat up the Savannah
you cool down the smoke
I cause chaos and maelstrom
You are peace and tranquility
we are complete opposites
and they say they attract
with a simple gesture
we make fire and water
with these simple elements
we will rule the world together

When we kissed, we let out a steam
I was boiling you  and you were killing me
but the sensation it left, it felt so good
we go for another one,
but you weren't sure
because if we did, I would cease to exit
and this world, I would gladly exit
just to taste you all over again
Without me, the world would be cold
without me, the world would be dark
but if we did it again, I would die
and reborn as the sun
the world wouldn't be as cold
and my rays will till touch and fathom you
the sensation will linger
and we'll be together forever

Just Missing You

Now that you have already graduated, I will not be able to see you in school that often anymore. You will have your training for your career. You will face many more hardships in the real world. You already went ahead of us. You already left us here, leaving your legacy with us.

The last time we met, I hugged you. You were wearing your white t-shirt and your smile was heart-warming. I also got to dream of you yesterday. You were wearing the same shirt, and I get to hug you again. Sad to say, it was only just a dream.

I just learned that you had a crush on me before. Sir Lonard told me that. He told me that you really wanted me to be part of the DMMAxim. I purposely made my article in the technical exam to be shitty because I didn't want to be accepted anymore. But you tried to defend me. Huh. I don't know why you liked me. I was weird. The picture I submitted for my application was weird. It was like I was ready to be buried for my funeral. LOL. I still had my full bangs that time and I looked funny. I was having a dilemma whether I should be a writer or a cartoonist, and you convinced me to be a writer. My technical exam really disappointed you, huh? *Chuckles* You told me it did. I was born to disappoint people. I guess my mission was accomplished. XD

He also said we were MU (Mutual Understanding). Your other friend told my friend and my friend told me before that you were interested in me. When I heard that, it got me to be interested in you, too. We talked, and you learned a lot of things about me. I told you things about my family. We also had a lot of things in common. We had the same taste in music. I never thought I'd find someone with the same taste in music as me anymore. The fact that we both have a guitar, violin, keyboard, and flute at home caused a stir inside me. No instruments more, no instruments less. I was voted as the secretary for my batch. Little did I know that you are the secretary for the publication, too. Before, I always carried candy with me. These candies had little messages on the wrapper which say stuff like "I love you" or "I miss you". Once, you and Sir Louie asked me for some. I had two in my pocket. I wondered which one I should give you. I thought bah, I'll just give you a random candy without reading the message. When you received it, you said that there is always one phrase that can make you cry, and that was "I'm proud of you". Little did I know, those were the words on the candy wrapper. I felt a little proud of myself in the inside, too. When Sir Lonard asked you, or us, for a number, we both answered "7" at the same time. I tried to hide my "kilig" by not smiling and keeping a poker face. He said that because of that, maybe we really are soulmates. I thought that, too, that maybe we are soulmates. We even have the same design for our backpacks! When I saw yours, I mistook it for mine. How many coincidence between us could there be? I thought we really were destined for each other.

You were my first crush in the DMMAxim. I was the first guilder you talked to. Lonard said that you really had a crush on me but you couldn't tell me that because it wasn't allowed. Romantic relationships between seniors and guilders weren't allowed. Maybe it was for the best. I promised myself back in first grade that I will never have a crush on anyone ever again. And you made me break that promise. Oh why, just why?

The other guilders told me that you and I were their bet, and that they ship us both. I really didn't think about it before. I didn't have a crush on you before. When they told me that, I was like "Whuuuut???" Laica said that every time I saw you, she observed that my eyes would turn into hearts. I was like no, I don't think of you that way. I really didn't. I guess Time worked its magic and eventually developed my feelings.

When the other seniors told me you had a girlfriend, I didn't really care. She was pretty in the picture. I still didn't have feelings for you that time. During the night of the presswork, we were at the mall with other DMMAxim peeps to buy stuff for the presswork. We were in different groups, scattered in the mall. Sir Earlvin was with Sir Kenneth. I was with Sir Lonard and Harold. And you, with your girl. When we all met, your arm was around the girl's shoulder. When you saw us, you quickly removed it from her. I pretended not to care. But it kind of put me down a little. I don't know why. I guess I got a little jealous. She really was pretty.

I wasn't able to enroll for the second semester. So I wasn't able to go to school. I didn't get to bond with the DMMAxim for long, considering that we are already getting disbanded now, and that it's your last year in college. When I came to visit, I saw all of you. I missed you all. I got to see you, too. And we got to talk. You asked me about my love life. You asked about Braggy. I didn't know how you knew about him. I think I might have mentioned him to you before. I don't really remember. I showed you a picture of him and I said "there was never an us" (Braggy and I). So I asked you the same. I asked you how was your love life. You said that she got jealous because you spent more time with your cousin than with her and you somehow drifted away. Because I showed you a picture of Braggy, you showed me a picture of her. It was the girl from before. I told you I remember her and asked how were things with her. You said "there was never an us, too." And with that, my spirits lifted up a little.

I miss you...

I texted you earlier because I missed you. You replied three hours and a half later. I thought you would never reply. I'm glad you did. We exchanged texts for awhile then you said you would be visiting school in 7 days to process some papers and you would be on your way to your training after that. You must be really busy. Life after graduation must be tiring. Except for my second brother because he really isn't busy after graduating.

I hope you can really come. I really miss you, your face, your voice, your humor, your talents and your wit. I wish I could see you now...