Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Just Because He Requested

So days ago, Lonard asked me to blog about "Bakit ka hindi crush ng crush mo? (Why doesn't your crush have a crush on you?)" Well, I don't really have an idea. But for his sake, I will do it.

So why doesn't your crush have a crush on you? I can state a few reasons below. Everything here is my opinion. Therefore, I really didn't do any research regarding this topic, so everything has no basis and is not legit.

1. He/She is gay.

Of all the reasons, I chose this one first. But why? I just thought that it would be funny. Considering earlier in class, our instructor shared to us that she confessed to her crush and it turned out that her crush is actually gay. So yeah, your crush may not be into you because he or she might be attracted to people with the same sex. But if you're gay, and your crush is gay, then good for you! This reason will not affect you in some way. Haha.

2. He/She is married.

Yeah, yeah. Some people may have crushes on married people. Even I have a crush on Gerard Way, and he's married. He's gay too! Don't get me wrong, he may have married a woman and has a kid with her, but that doesn't make him straight. Seriously, he kissed his band mate in the past. Married people should remain loyal to their spouse. So maybe that's why your crush doesn't have a crush on you, because their heart belongs only to their one and only.

3. He/She doesn't know you exist.

Just like Gerard Way, he doesn't know I exist. I think if he knew me, he might have a crush on me. Some married people get crushes, too. But their love remains with their spouse. Try introducing yourself to your crush. Who knows, the moment you get introduced to each other, he/she might get a crush on you. You might even date in the future. So lose your shyness and go for it! Don't be afraid and let your doubts hinder you from having a love life!

4. You're ugly.

No offense, but looks really do matter in the real world. No matter how much you repeat the saying "Do not judge the book by its cover," you still end up doing it. I mean, what are covers there for anyway? Aren't they there for you to judge them? You chose that book because it "looked" interesting. I learned this from watching Phineas and Ferb, that books are really meant to be judged. Sorry if you're not pretty. Maybe you're meant for people who don't judge you by your looks.

5. Your crush likes someone else.

This is a typical and one of the most terrifying reason. He/She is just not into you. There is somebody else. That person has the qualities your crush is looking for. You don't have them, the other person does. So you just have to deal with it. Move on. Find another guy/girl. He's/She's not worth it. If your crush chooses someone else, let it be. You just can't force yourself to a person who likes someone else.

6. You are not his/her type.

We all have different tastes. You might be the decent, pretty, and normal person someone might like, but your crush prefers a more weird, funny, and a beautiful person. That person might be me. So reason #5 and #6 are co-related. Your crush doesn't have a crush on you because he/she has his/her eyes on another person that is just his/her type. Don't worry. Sooner or later, you might find someone who you are compatible with.

7. He/She is not ready.

Your crush might have just recently experienced a heartbreak, and might not be ready to love again. Your crush might be too young and naive to start having feelings for you. Maybe it is not time yet. Maybe your crush is still waiting for the wounds to heal. He/She might have experienced something traumatizing regarding crushes and is afraid to have one again, like I was for almost 10 years. Time will come that he/she will be ready. But as for now, he/she is not.

8. He/She has a mental problem.

You might be having a crush on someone who is mentally retarded, or doesn't have the ability to be attracted to someone. Like my friend, Kim, who claims herself to be asexual. I don't know if being asexual is a mental problem, but that may be one of the reasons why your crush doesn't have a crush on you. Kind of like the emo people, who can't feel anything at all. We, emo people are so numb that we want to feel again. Did I just call myself emo? LOL. I used to be emo. I think I still am now. Not that much anymore, I guess.

That's all the reasons I could think of for now. It's getting late. I have to wake up early tomorrow to have my medical papers processed. I hope these reasons are enough for you. So guys, you have to move on from your crush, and don't hope that they will like you back. Ciao!


  1. Great little list. Made me chuckle. There is a whole plethora of reasons why a crush just isnt into you. I had a crush on someone, we got chatting and he turned out to be a total loser waste of space. This made the crush/lust totally fizzle out.

  2. I tend to agree to most of the reasons here. It makes me think back during my teen days. Hahaha! Well, I think I'm at this stage when I'm no longer concerned on what the person I'm attracted to thinks of me. When I like a guy...I just like him, period. I no longer waste my time thinking what goes in his head. And then I move on to thinking other things, too. :-D

  3. I have to say this is a cute emo post that is amusing to read. However, you read with a twinge of bitterness because you really like this other person! You can always hope it is because he does not know you exist. Because then there is still real hope that he will, one day.

  4. cute and funny post! actually the best reason for our crushes not liking us back is because it's just not meant to be.

  5. What an interesting topic to write about. This is a fun post, thanks for the good laugh! They make sense too! Lol.

  6. This is a good analysis actually. And very well written too. Hmmmm...I think finding out your crush is gay gets to happen more often nowadays.Fun and funny post!

  7. Actually everyone have problem.. Just see what way to deal with.. Very interesting post..

  8. Hahaha... That's a funny post. Anyways I agree with most points. Yeah, a gal I know confessed to her crush only to know that he's gay!!

  9. LOL. Nice one! I totally agree with some of your points. I love your 3rd point the most. Reminds me of when i had crushes on movie stars!!!

  10. Nice to recap all the reasons why your crush doesn't like you. I guess sometimes, it's just a difference of preference.

  11. Wow, I'm surprised by some of your reasons.. I guess some of it was meant as a joke because it didn't really seem serious from your conversation...

  12. This is quite a funny post and recalling few of the points. Remember in high schools girls used to have crush on the bollywood stars.

  13. Best not to rush a request, right? And you're right there are many reasons a crush confession could go wrong. ;)

  14. Of all the list you have, 5-7 is the realistic thing there. But for the rest, it's a good read that made me laugh for a while.

  15. Hilarious! I do agree with certain things you have mentioned. In bollywood movies they have shown some of the points many times.