Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Just Fire and Water

I posted this poem before, but it lacked the letter S because the keyboard was broken. I'm re-posting it now to show it's true essence.

Here it goes:

A simple gesture,
a snap of the hand
then comes ignite
a simple fire
I light up the dark
to see your face
a simple gesture
and you spout some water
from your mouth
that is cold as ice

You quenched my thirst
I gave you my warmth
just like apricity
in the cold winter
I was fire
and you were water
We were opposites
I was yin, you were yang
without each other
we are not complete

I set the forest to ablaze
you damp it to a mush
I heat up the Savannah
you cool down the smoke
I cause chaos and maelstrom
You are peace and tranquility
we are complete opposites
and they say they attract
with a simple gesture
we make fire and water
with these simple elements
we will rule the world together

When we kissed, we let out a steam
I was boiling you  and you were killing me
but the sensation it left, it felt so good
we go for another one,
but you weren't sure
because if we did, I would cease to exit
and this world, I would gladly exit
just to taste you all over again
Without me, the world would be cold
without me, the world would be dark
but if we did it again, I would die
and reborn as the sun
the world wouldn't be as cold
and my rays will till touch and fathom you
the sensation will linger
and we'll be together forever

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