Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Just Gigs

I've created a Fiverr account because I have lost my phone. I don't have a phone again. Hurrah! (sarcasm) I am really clumsy these days. I have already owned 4 phones in a lifetime. I am getting a 5 th one. Let's just hope there won't be a 6th one. If there is going to be a sixth one, I just hope that the reason won't be that I have lost my phone or broke it again.

So yeah, I made a Fiverr account. Please check it out. I really need the money, and I can show you some of my talents :)

The first gig I made is a drawing one. You can make me draw shitty or not shitty stuff for $10.

The second gig I made is a musical one. I can play songs on different instruments for you for $5.

Please do check the links. You can help me buy a new phone. I really need a new phone.

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