Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Just My IQ

Who knew I would be this smart? Haha. Although I expected a higher result. It would be higher if I was able to answer the last 3 remaining questions. Sad life.

IQ Test Labs personalized report

Your age adjusted IQ score is 121 and the average score of all test takers is 100.

Your IQ score is the result of a formula based on the number of questions answered correctly on the test, adjusted to account for the differences in capabilities among various age groups.

Here at IQ Test Labs we have taken your test one step further. During the test, you answered questions covering different aspects of your intelligence, and your answers were used to compute nine distinct intelligence scores. This profile provides an analysis of your general IQ score and nine distinct intelligence scores. This will help shed light on your strengths and weaknesses, for example you will discover that your greatest strength was in the Verbal section of the test.

Your complete intelligence profile consists of:
An analysis of your general IQ score with graphical comparisons of how you scored compared to everyone else who took this test.
A detailed analysis of your mathematics, verbal, logic, pattern recognition, general knowledge, short term memory, visualization, and classification intelligence scores.
Tips that help increase your intellectual capabilities on each of the above intelligence scales.
Your strengths and weaknesses and career advice.
All answers to the questions.
Theories of intelligence, demographic comparisons of IQ scores, famous IQ's and interesting facts about IQ.

Enjoy your report! There is nothing more valuable than accurate, insightful information about you!