Thursday, June 02, 2016

Just Once Pt 2

Once, I pushed my brother out the 2nd floor window.
Once, I ate a candle (I don't remember if I swallowed).
Once, I ate a leaf.
Once, I broke my phone on purpose.
Once, I believed I was really dead.
Once, I left a test question blank because I got jealous of my classmates getting called by my teacher to answer the questions they left blank. Sad to say my teacher didn't call me and marked it wrong.
Once, I killed a mouse by squishing it.
Once, I tried to kill myself by taking the remainder of my meds. Sad to say I only fell asleep.
Once, I made the laptop fall unto the ground. Happy to say that it is unscathed.
Once, I picked my nose so far in that the snot went into my nasal cavity.

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