Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just You Stupid Fatass Bitch


You don’t have to lash out all your anger on me, you know…

I mean, as a friend, you can. But if you’re part of my family, it’s annoying.

Like today, for instance. I was supposed to be chill this day because I won’t be going to school. But no, you just have to blabber your mouth and nag all day all just for a missing sock. Like seriously, it’s a small thing. I told you it’s in the dirty hamper. But you kept on opening your stupid mouth. Instead of searching for the sock, you just kept on nagging. You kept on blaming me for something I haven’t done. You little (actually you’re big, because you’re fat) annoying bitch… Your hands, feet, eyes, and other body part except your mouth are used to search for missing stuff. I didn’t know you could be that stupid. You passed all your hot-temperedness on to me. Fuck you very much.

I went to the porch to cool off. After I was chilled, I went inside and you still kept on nagging, and you built me up all over again. You’re just so full of it! Like seriously, you didn’t even bother to search for it. You made a simple little thing a big issue. Dude, it’s just a sock. I could buy you a new one. And then you said, “Go buy me one now”. Seriously?! FINE. I wanted to go out of the house anyway since I don’t want to be in the same building as you. Stupid fatass bitch. Tsk. I hurriedly took a bath and went out. I didn’t even bother to brush my teeth. Because of my anger, I was already riding a jeep in a minute. Don’t bother asking me to dye your hair this Saturday anymore. I hate you now.

I went to Wilson’s and bought 10 pairs of socks so you won’t be worried for another missing sock in a while. I wanna rub it on your face. I really wanted to slap your bitchy face earlier too. I wanted to slap you so hard that it would make you cry. I am capable of doing that. You’re lucky I’m more patient than you.

So to let you know how very pissed and angry I am at you right now, here’s a bombardment of swear and cuss words… all dedicated for you.

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