Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just a New Avatar

I haven't told you this but I dyed my hair ash grey, but I didn't bleach it so it turned to brown instead.

In line with this, I figured I need a new avatar because of my new look, and my roots are already growing and showing. I started this WIP using PaintTool SAI last week and I'm a bit lazy to finish it. I used a mirror as a guide. Haha. I almost dyed my hair back to black though, when MCR gave me false hope about a reunion happening.

Maybe I'll finish this last week. I have a contest to attend to tomorrow. Titus iDoodle competition. I only joined for the freebies like the T-shirt, lanyard, and colored Titus pens, just like last year. Also, to add to my extra-curricular activities. I have to skip Menu Planning laboratory for it. They're gonna cook cookies this time. Dammit.


On a side note, I just finished This is Where the World Ends by Amy Zhang. I loved this book so much. I love Micah Carter. He's the type that I was looking for. I posted a status saying "I fell in love with a character that doesn't exist. It's so sad that we can never be together." and as of now it has 25 likes and 4 reactions. But what really bothers me is that *SPOILER ALERT* the author kills Janie Vivian. Like WTF?! I wanted the protagonist from Falling into Place (same author) to die but she kills this protagonist instead?! SERIOUSLY? lol. Oh well, there was a good reason for her death anyway. So I forgive Amy Zhang for this. This is now my new favorite book. Again, I love this book. I can't stress that enough. "I love this book" is such an understatement.

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