Monday, July 18, 2016

Just When You Wake Up

Everyday you think about the things you need to do. The first thing you do is to wake up. You do this by opening your eyes.

If you’re me, you would wonder why you even woke up in the first place. You begin to think that it’s another day of painful living, that it’s another day of trying to forget that you are miserable, that it’s another day of wishing you haven’t woke up, that it’s another day of wishing you weren’t born.

You begin to think what the reason for all of this is. You wonder why everything happens like how it does. Do we really choose the actions we do? Do we really need to do the things we do?

As you wake up, you rise from the bed, the floor, or whatever you slept in. You fix your bed or you leave it just be. You wipe away the dirt that was in your eyes.

Now what we do from here is different with each other. Some go to the bathroom. Some make breakfast. Some check their social media accounts.

If you were me again, you would think that why different actions have different chain reactions. You begin to realize that everything is connected. Or you would even think so deeply that you realize that nothing is real, that everything is just an illusion.

You shrug these thoughts off, and just continue on with life. You realize that having these thoughts and overthinking will lead you nowhere, or so you thought. Maybe overthinking will lead you to great discoveries. But this time around, overthinking does not get you anywhere.

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