Friday, August 12, 2016

Just My Essay

I joined the screening for essay writing for our intramurals. The theme was "A convergence of talents in upholding excellence for a victorious DCSP". DCSP stands for DMMA College of Southern Philippines, the name of my school.

Here's my essay:

     If there is one thing needed to achieve victory, it is teamwork. People need to work to gether to achieve the goal that they are reaching for. Miscommunication, fights, and misunderstandings are some of the factors that can hinder us the sweet taste of victory.

     In order to fully grasp the championship title we must unite as one. We should use all the resources that we have. If one is good at math, but not so good in physical activities, we should help that person in need. We should complement each other and form a symbiotic relationship wherein both of the parties benefit from each other. Rather than try to drag each other down. why not lift each other up? That way, we both get to share our victory.

     Every person has a unique talent. Some have skills that the other person does not. If the goal needs more than a set of skills then people should work hand in hand to reach that goal. A gaer does not work by itself. It also needs the other gears to work for the machine to fully function. A single gear not working could cause the whole apparatus to fall apart. This could be the same with people. If a single person is not doing his or her task then an entire operation would be a fiasco.

     People always strive for excellence. What better way to achieve that than doing it together? If we could put our heads and our hearts together, then we could achieve even far greater than that. We could go to an institution with greater excellence if we learn to put our minds together,, if we help each other, and if we empathize with each other. DCSP is one of the top Maritime schools in the Philippines. We could go for a better title than that like "the top Maritime and General Education school of the Philippines". Isn't it a great victory if we get that? We should have the mindset that every course is great in their own ways.

     This incoming intramurals, walls are built again as students get assigned to their own respective teams. Let us not make this an opportunity to divide our institution, but to unify it upholding excellence in our way. Let s not think that we are losers when our own teams lose, but think that we are victorious, because our fellow DCSPians have great skills that students in other institutions do not have.

     We can not uphold excellence if we separate ourselves from each other We can uphold excellence if we learn to work together. We should let go of our own selfishness and realize that victory is better than ego.

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