Sunday, August 21, 2016

Just slurring that isn't really slurring, because you know, I'm not talking

In this post, I will write in bullet-form my thoughts and experiences.

  • If I were to form a band, I will name it Playing with Scissors.
  • Ever since I've experienced being tipsy, which is last August 13, Saturday, I've been doing chores and good deeds like cooking, washing the plates, feeding our pets, folding our clothes, and answering assignments for my classmates. I did a lot of good things this week. I'm not really like this. I'm actually lazy. I hate doing anything. Maybe I need alcohol in my system. lol
  • I fixed my violin. I am so happy. Maybe this is my reward for being so good this week.
  • I have my own room now. I have been sleeping in it. It's not fully furnished, but hey, it's a room. Anything will do. Our house's renovation is almost finished.
  • I am watching Steven Universe and I really love this cartoon. I love Garnet because I can see myself in her. Like, when she was told she was mysterious, she just said "haha, mysterious." People call me mysterious too. And she is so funny. She real talks all the time. My officemate tried to insult me by comparing me to Amethyst which failed because I like Amethyst too because deep inside she's a little emo.
  • My page reached 100+ likes. If you're one of them, thank you :)
  • Another thing about experiencing being tipsy is that I can relate to books now where they talk about drinking.
  • Have I posted already that our dog gave birth to 5 puppies? They're all male. Their colors range from black, brown, and white. It's like their mother ran out of ink for her puppy printer. lol
  • I have controlled my psychosis now. I think I'm back to normal. Yeah, sometimes my friends get weirded out but I've been always weird. My bipolar is stable now. I don't think it'll shift any time soon. I  think it will now since My Chemical Romance is playing as I'm typing this. But nah, I'm too manic to feel depressed while listening to them.
  • Steven Universe made me cry. Most of the time I only get teary-eyed but in one episode my tears really fell down my face.
  • Today is Sunday. I liked the weather earlier. It was cold and cloudy. Now, the sun shone and it's a little warm. I'll take a shower later.

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