Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Just What If

I visited my friend, Shiloh last Saturday and we played a game called "What If". It's a game played better with more people, but we're the only ones who played it, us two. I still had fun playing it though.

To play, you write questions beginning with "What if" and you have to give it to the other person to answer. You also answer the questions of other people. The twist is, you answer the friend's question with his/her answer to your own question. For example, she asks "What if we are all white?". Then she answers with the answer to your question, "What if Obama said no?", which is "Then he said no." Then she answers your question "What if Obama said no?" with the answer of "What if we are all white?". I'm sorry if it's too complicated. I really don't like explaining things when it's not through a poem. Haha.

I only brought home the answers without the twist. Haha. Here they are.

Why do we have to shower?
Because if we don't the whole world would stink.
What if Obama was white?
Then he wouldn't be the first black president. Duh.
What if we walk while we sleep?
I know a friend who does that. She wakes up.
What if we shit through our nose?
Ew. Gross. Bruh.
What if we sing to talk?
Then it'll be osam. I've always wanted to try that after watching Frozen.
What if we barked instead of talking?
Iro nalang unta ta. (We should have been dogs instead.)
What if everything was not colored?
I'm gonna paint them.
What if we didn't live?
Then we're all dead.
What if there was another person like us?
Let's meet him ASAP.
What if our dog killed Duterte?
Then our dog is da real MVP.
What if there wasn't any war or evil?
Life would be worth living.

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