Friday, September 30, 2016

Just the Rap I just Composed

The problem with sleeping early is that you tend to wake up in the middle of the night 
leaving you to attempt to sleep again 
but can't because your thoughts are keeping you up.

Mom didn't understand so she sent me to a psychiatrist.
We talked about a lot of things
but the sure thing I talked to her about was about you
and how we stayed up late and how you tend to keep me up
But don't get me wrong I loved chatting really
it's just it didn't seem to be healthy
I'm sorry
but I guess I shouldn't be
because I loved every moment we had
it just has to end
we're getting nowhere
but to the realm of folly

I couldn't quite guess what was happening
My fingers kept dancing
I can't control 'em
maybe it's one of them seizures acting up again
All of the anxiety swallowing me up
I shouldn't let it control me but
it seems that I can't

So every time I see your face I just calm up
and your smile brightens my whole world
I just can't understand that

You used to say that we need each other
darling that's just not true
We tear each other apart
Now you suffer tremors my heart can't handle
and I cry every night because of that
I tried to prevent that from happening
But my words don't seem to get through your head
You weren't here with me anymore
You were there in your own world
I couldn't get in, I tried to
but the key you swallowed I couldn't get the locksmith
and now I lost you forever

My only friend I no longer have you. I apologize 'cause I couldn't save you. I couldn't make it on time. But I guess there's no one to blame.I couldn't handle any more of that. It might lead me to kill myself but I couldn't do that. I could never do that. Because if I did then there would be no one else to remember you.

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