Friday, September 30, 2016

Just Starting Something

I want to start composing songs. I already composed some songs in high school but those were academic ones and weren't real songs. They were really shitty. Not the songs that I wanted to write. Not even close to the genre I like. I want to make real songs, maybe rap, because raps are like alliterations and it feels good on the tongue and sounds awesome in the ears especially the messages raps commonly convey. Not that my favorite genre is rap. It's actually alternative rock, pop rock, and punk rock. So the raps I meant are not the Kanye West type of raps but the Eminem and Twenty One Pilots type of raps. I posted something in my Late Night Thoughts page on Facebook and maybe this could be a beginning of a rap. Here it is:

It kinda looks like a run on because of the lack of commas. Yeah. I want to make a real song and my first real song should be a rap. I'll play it on the ukulele so I could play it during Ukulele night with Kwatro Kwerdas.

Ohhh yeahh right Kwatro Kwerdas... I haven't blogged about it yet. It's a ukulele community in Davao City, where I live, and I started jamming with them last Sunday. I sang. It was the first time I sang in front of a real audience. I don't really sing because I'm an instrumentalist. I only usually play the guitar or the violin or the keyboard. But I loved it and the applause I had. We only jammed in a small coffee shop called Java Jive so the audience was a little small, but still, I had fun. The admin of the page was really cute. He's my sister's former classmate. I think he's gay. Not gay like people who likes the same sex kind of gay. Lol. Gay's just an expression.

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