Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just a Bisaya Post

12:57 PM

Bah, dili ka angayan. Undangi na please. Puta.


Sigeg pabebe. Letch. Lamia ba nimo hawaon sa kinabuhi. Kung pwede lang.


Yeah, it's true. No one cares about you. So shut up you crybaby. Pfft. Pathetic.


You should go to therapy.

I know you'll never read this and that's good.


Ing-ana ka tungod sa lalaki? WTF? Seriously? Bah, talk about pathetic.


Then why don't you do what you want? What's stopping you? I know I'm not the one to talk when I don't know the whole story but I am getting irritated by what you irresponsibly post online.

Just, I Don't Know

You don't need those toxic people in your life
The only one who could make you feel better is yourself
We are here to support you but
we can not control how you feel
We are not mentalists who know how to mind-control
As much as we want to help you,
we can not help you if you will not help yourself

Just Sick of Pathetic People

If you need help, don't seek for attention by posting on social media. Tell your family and friends personally. Don't be that person. Don't be a brat. Don't be "pabebe". Everyone's got problems. Seeing you like that is very pathetic. Ugh. People, please, get a grip. Whatever. Keep your problems private online. Tell people personally. Shit.

I've been ranting here a lot lately. Not enough poems. lol. My decision to limit rantings on Twitter and Facebook is hard.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just Repetition

Redundancy gets annoying. In my head, I go "I heard you the first time, okay?!". We get the message. You don't have to repeat it a bunch of times. Yeah, sometimes I forget, but I get irritated, man. Being repetitive makes me want to not do it or remember it. It makes me hate you. Good thing I'm a nice person. I won't hate you for being repetitive and annoying.

Just Started Typing This at 2:45 am

People rant a lot on social media. Some can not say words directly in front of people's faces. They can not be straightforward just to get their problems with that particular person over with. I'm getting sick of the drama. Even I rant out through the internet. But the long ones, I rant it out in this blog, which no one reads, therefore resulting to less irritated people. I used to write rants in notebooks, but it feels better when it is posted online because I get a hopeful feeling that someone might stumble upon it and read about my problems and that makes it feel better than writing it on a paper and hide it from the world, keeping it to myself, collecting all the horrible thoughts, leading them to be piled up until I break down and lose myself.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just Wanted to Write a Speech, but One Sentence Seems Enough

Ever observed people around and wondered why they could have smiles on their faces, unknowing of what's going on with you?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just Checking

Everyday, I check my e-mail to see if someone left a comment. But it's the same everyday. No one leaves a comment. And that is kind of sad.

Why am I expecting this anyway? No one even reads my blog. lol

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Just a Positive Post for Once, well, Maybe Not Once

I kind of like how the
 semester is ending
 now, and how I haven't
suddenly disappeared
during finals and
the entire second semester,
kind of like what
happened last year, because
a somewhat-bipolar-like
disease wrapped me
like fried tacos. I love
fried tacos from Taco
Boy. I always buy
fried tacos when I
go to malls, if I have
the extra money of
course. I like typing
stuff like this now —
aligned left, not reaching
half the page. It seems
easier to the eyes, for
now, anyway.

I am now literally
typing what randomly
I think about. I hate
the word "literally". It
makes people sound
uneducated. Others misuse
the word and it makes
me cringe inside.

I am tired of pressing enter all the time now so I am just going to make
these lines longer because why not.

So this guy, I don't want to talk about this guy. I try not to think about this
guy, and dammit, I am already starting to talk about this guy, still am, and I am not liking a
single bit of it. This guy keeps on randomly popping up in my mind and
I don't know how he does it. Maybe he has these special powers that with a
snap of a finger, there he is, in my beautiful disastrous subconscious slowly
crawling towards my prefrontal cortex waiting to be written down in poems
or drawn in art to see how I interpret this particular guy, who I am not in
love with, but I do love deeply with my whole heart in a way how I should love myself.
And I don't want to freaking talk about this guy.

I forgot why I typed positive post for the title. I know there was one topic
that I want to blog about but I forgot. It's that guy's fault. Screw him. Anyways,
while I try to remember what it was I'll type more random thoughts here since
I drank two mugs of coke and it is an artificial poetic fuel. You know another poetic fuel?
Intense feelings. The best songs written ever are written while the poets are
experiencing intense feelings like love, anger, sadness, and others. I know that
some people don't think that love is a feeling, but just for the sake of my point,
please go with it. Intense feelings are a natural poetic fuel. It's better to wait when all your
thoughts flow out naturally like how it is with me right now rather than to force it
because it mostly will come out shitty when you force to write a poem or a song. On a
side note, I typed poetic fuel poem fuel until I corrected it now. I don't have to make
sense. It's my blog. You adjust. Not me. I will find the errors in my grammar and
spelling when I look back to my posts in the future.

Man, this post is getting long. Oh yeah, imagine chugging down 6 glasses of cocktails
at once, no breaks, mixed alcohols glass by glass with your classmate and teacher
watching. Yup. I did that, last Wednesday, during our preassessment for our bartending
class. Last Thursday between 2:30 am and 2:45 am, I puked them out. Not all of them,
because I don't see any cherry. lol. I swear, in this blog, I will never drink again.
Signed me below:

I really wonder why I was really boy-crazy last summer. I don't know what happened.
I normally am an emotionless little weird girl sitting in the corner staring at
nothing drowning in thoughts within my head. I had crushes on 3 boys, I recall,
but now, I realized that one of them is a dick, the other asshole, and the last one,
well, the crush just faded without any reason. Which is good, because I don't
like being like that. I like being my old weird banana self. It is true that girls really
fall for assholes and friend zone the nice guys.

Treated classmates some pizza last Sunday. Others didn't show up because they
got home late from another city from celebrating another classmate's birthday the
day before. I don't feel really bad from them not showing up though. It meant more
pizza for those who showed up and I to eat.

I don't think I'll remember what I was supposed to type here any time soon and this post is getting too long anyway so I'll just end this here.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Just the 30-day Drawing/Design Challenge

Art vs. Artist: 30-day Drawing/Design Challenge Edition

30-day drawing/design challenge

I started the challenge last July 30 and finished it in the middle of August. My friend sent me the challenge through Messenger long before. I didn't think I would really start this challenge because I'm a lazy person. But I had nothing else to do by the end of July, because I don't have any on-the-job training yet and I quit doing this other thing that made me busy last year. So yeah, I decided to do the challenge.
30-day drawing/design challenge
Here are my drawings. Most of them aren't really that good but I still do hope that you like them :)

Day 1: A Self Portrait

Self portrait

medium: Watercolor on bond paper

Day 2: An Animal

animal sketch

medium: MS Paint

Day 3: A Childhood Memory

childhood memory sketch

Medium: Frixion pen on Monologue soft sketch book

Day 4: Friend, Family, or Significant Other

Friend, Family, or Significant Other

Medium: FC colored pencils on bond paper

This is my homie, Shiloh. She's really hard to draw, so I gave up. I planned to draw her with the style of realism. I couldn't draw the exact details. I wasn't really in the mood for realism and I was really feeling lazy so I didn't bother finishing it. Haha. Sorry, Shiloh.

Day 5: An Object in the Room

an object in the room sketch
Medium: MS Paint

Now I forgot I was supposed to do the challenge that day. I realized when it was already 11 pm so I made this in like 30 seconds because I did not really feel like drawing. This is supposed to be a mirror, by the way.

Day 6: A Literary Hero

celaena sardothien sketch

Medium: Mechanical Pencil on Bond Paper

This is my interpretation of Celaena Sardothien, from The Assassin's Blade.

Day 7: A Quick Gesture Drawing

quick gesture drawing

Medium: Ballpoint pen on sticky note paper

Day 8: A Super Hero

saitama drawing
Medium: Pencil on bond paper

Day 9: Classic Iconic Hollywod Scene or Image

titanic scene drawing
Medium: Ballpoint pen on bond paper

Day 10: Draw Dignity
banana drawing
Medium: Colored pens on bond paper

Yes, my dignity is a banana. Deal with it.

Day 11: A Typographic Quote
typographic quote

Medium: Marker and colored pencil on bond paper

Day 12: Favorite Article of Clothing or Outfit

lolita dress drawing

Medium: Uni-ball Signo white ink pen on Kraft Spazio notebook

Day 13: A Board Game Piece
scrabble tile drawing
Medium: Frixion pen on Monologue soft sketch book

Day 14: Unlikely Friends

angel and demon drawing
Medium: Colored pens on bond paper

Day 15: A Pattern
Mandala drawing
Medium: Colored pens on bond paper

Day 16: Your Losing Design on Project Runway
banana dress design
Medium: Ballpoint pen on bond paper

Day 17: A Minimalist Poster
Bates Motel Minimalist poster

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Day 18: A Literary Villain
Frankenstein's monster drawing
Medium: Ballpoint pen and colored pencils on bond paper

Since Frankenstein is the first real book I ever read, I drew Frankenstein's monster.

Day 19: Muppet Themed
highlighter drawing
Medium: Highlighter on bond paper

Day 20: Retro Inspired
retro drawing

Medium: Colored pencils on bond paper

This is my OC named Janet Retro.

Day 21: A Clock

clock design
Medium: Uni-ball pen on bond paper

Day 22: Something Involving Water
lapiz lazuli drawing

Medium: Colored pencils on bond paper

This is Lapiz Lazuli from Steven Universe. She can control water, that's why I drew her for the draw something involving water challenge.

Day 23: Happiness

happiness drawing
Medium: Ballpoint pen on bond paper

This is supposed to form a question mark, since I really don't know what happiness is.

If you noticed the small letter R there, I can assure you that it does stand for something. I can leave you to guess what that is. Haha. HINT: R_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (I might be lying though, lol)

Day 24: Your Favorite Food

taco sketch
Medium: Colored pens on bond paper

Day 25: Inanimate Object Come to Life
Adventure Time Little Dude
Medium: Ballpoint pen on bond paper

This is Little Dude from Adventure Time in the episode "Little Dude". He's Finn's hat that got magically turned alive by the Life Giving Magus.

Day 26: A Set of Kitchen Items
Kitchen Utensils drawing
Medium: Uni-ball pen on bond paper

Day 27: In the Style of Another Artist

colored pencil drawing

Medium: Colored pencils on bond paper

This isn't one of the characters from Adventure Time. It's an OC who's in the style of the artists of Adventure Time.

Day 28: Nature Inspired

nature painting
Medium: Textile paint, poster color paint, and acrylic on flour sack cloth

Day 29: Travel Poster
Travel poster philippines

Medium: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Day 30: Draw Yourself Drawing

oil pastel drawing

Medium: Oil pastel on bond paper

So that's pretty much it. As you can notice most of my sketches are really sh*tty. That's because I got a little bit busy along the way so I just drew for the sake of completing the challenge. I didn't try that hard because as I keep saying in this blog, I am a lazy person. Haha. Thanks for viewing! :)