Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just a Bisaya Post

12:57 PM

Bah, dili ka angayan. Undangi na please. Puta.


Sigeg pabebe. Letch. Lamia ba nimo hawaon sa kinabuhi. Kung pwede lang.


Yeah, it's true. No one cares about you. So shut up you crybaby. Pfft. Pathetic.


You should go to therapy.

I know you'll never read this and that's good.


Ing-ana ka tungod sa lalaki? WTF? Seriously? Bah, talk about pathetic.


Then why don't you do what you want? What's stopping you? I know I'm not the one to talk when I don't know the whole story but I am getting irritated by what you irresponsibly post online.

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