Saturday, October 15, 2016

Just a Positive Post for Once, well, Maybe Not Once

I kind of like how the
 semester is ending
 now, and how I haven't
suddenly disappeared
during finals and
the entire second semester,
kind of like what
happened last year, because
a somewhat-bipolar-like
disease wrapped me
like fried tacos. I love
fried tacos from Taco
Boy. I always buy
fried tacos when I
go to malls, if I have
the extra money of
course. I like typing
stuff like this now —
aligned left, not reaching
half the page. It seems
easier to the eyes, for
now, anyway.

I am now literally
typing what randomly
I think about. I hate
the word "literally". It
makes people sound
uneducated. Others misuse
the word and it makes
me cringe inside.

I am tired of pressing enter all the time now so I am just going to make
these lines longer because why not.

So this guy, I don't want to talk about this guy. I try not to think about this
guy, and dammit, I am already starting to talk about this guy, still am, and I am not liking a
single bit of it. This guy keeps on randomly popping up in my mind and
I don't know how he does it. Maybe he has these special powers that with a
snap of a finger, there he is, in my beautiful disastrous subconscious slowly
crawling towards my prefrontal cortex waiting to be written down in poems
or drawn in art to see how I interpret this particular guy, who I am not in
love with, but I do love deeply with my whole heart in a way how I should love myself.
And I don't want to freaking talk about this guy.

I forgot why I typed positive post for the title. I know there was one topic
that I want to blog about but I forgot. It's that guy's fault. Screw him. Anyways,
while I try to remember what it was I'll type more random thoughts here since
I drank two mugs of coke and it is an artificial poetic fuel. You know another poetic fuel?
Intense feelings. The best songs written ever are written while the poets are
experiencing intense feelings like love, anger, sadness, and others. I know that
some people don't think that love is a feeling, but just for the sake of my point,
please go with it. Intense feelings are a natural poetic fuel. It's better to wait when all your
thoughts flow out naturally like how it is with me right now rather than to force it
because it mostly will come out shitty when you force to write a poem or a song. On a
side note, I typed poetic fuel poem fuel until I corrected it now. I don't have to make
sense. It's my blog. You adjust. Not me. I will find the errors in my grammar and
spelling when I look back to my posts in the future.

Man, this post is getting long. Oh yeah, imagine chugging down 6 glasses of cocktails
at once, no breaks, mixed alcohols glass by glass with your classmate and teacher
watching. Yup. I did that, last Wednesday, during our preassessment for our bartending
class. Last Thursday between 2:30 am and 2:45 am, I puked them out. Not all of them,
because I don't see any cherry. lol. I swear, in this blog, I will never drink again.
Signed me below:

I really wonder why I was really boy-crazy last summer. I don't know what happened.
I normally am an emotionless little weird girl sitting in the corner staring at
nothing drowning in thoughts within my head. I had crushes on 3 boys, I recall,
but now, I realized that one of them is a dick, the other asshole, and the last one,
well, the crush just faded without any reason. Which is good, because I don't
like being like that. I like being my old weird banana self. It is true that girls really
fall for assholes and friend zone the nice guys.

Treated classmates some pizza last Sunday. Others didn't show up because they
got home late from another city from celebrating another classmate's birthday the
day before. I don't feel really bad from them not showing up though. It meant more
pizza for those who showed up and I to eat.

I don't think I'll remember what I was supposed to type here any time soon and this post is getting too long anyway so I'll just end this here.

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