Thursday, November 03, 2016

Just a Post that isn't True to Life

Another airplane passes by. I remember how you wanted to be in one. You wanted to explore other places. You couldn't even stay put in class. When we grew up, you rode ships instead, because along the way, you obtained a fear of heights. Well, maybe just a fear of falling, because ever since you fell for someone, it shattered you to bits, and I watched you as it happened. I didn't do anything about it. I don't regret it, because I knew that you needed this. You needed to know the importance of anchors. They are what stops you from drifting away from the people who love you, stops you from drifting away from me. And for such time, I wonder, would you still be here now if you got on a plane, or still lost at sea? Because when the news about you going overboard for the reason of you couldn't stay still, I keep missing you. I guess you didn't know enough about the importance of anchors, both literally and metaphorically.

But I know you're living your dream now, the dream of being in the sky, looking down upon us.

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