Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just Why Do You Do This to Me?

You forced yourself to be a part of my life. You hung
   out for a while, and when I
decided to remove you, you have already made
   a permanent mark.


I should explain this. You see, I was doing this task a year ago. I was supposed to cut out big letters with a Gothic font, when someone requested me to cut out a small one of his initial with the sticky paper I have, so I did. The sticky paper was white so he colored it black with a marker. Without permission, he stuck it to my phone case and decided to spread false information that it was me who had a crush on him when in fact it was him who placed it there. I kept it there for a while for some reasons and when I removed the sticky paper, the marker's ink have blotted to the phone case and left a permanent mark of his initial there forever.

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