Monday, January 23, 2017

Just Before English 3 Class Started

I just want to type what happened earlier during my first period class here. Not the whole class, just the significant thing which I think is a little funny.

It was raining and a little chilly, just the way I like it. When we entered the room, our English instructor said something about the weather to the class. It went something like this:

Sir: The weather is cold today. It's gonna be like this next week.
Me: Yes!
Sir: You like this kind of weather, Ms. Slaybell? (not my real name)
Me: Yes. It is when cockroaches breed. *plays with realistic cockroach toy*
Sir: *smiles* What is wrong with you? *laughs while staring at the computer*
Me: *faces my classmate behind me*
         Everything, sir. (jokingly)
Classmate: *laughs* She said everything sir! *still laughs*

I don't know if he heard it because he was really busy with the computer, checking the lesson for today, and didn't react. As for the cockroach toy, I bought it yesterday and then brought it with me today. I pranked a bunch of people by scaring them with it and it was funny seeing their terrified faces. Haha. It's sad that I can't find it anymore.

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