Monday, January 16, 2017

Just a Genre

You know what genre I hate? Romance. Why? Because it's very illogical. One moment, they meet. The next, they're already confessing their feelings to each other. And I'm like, WHAT?! You don't even know that person and then you claim to be "in love"? You don't even know that that person does a thing that you hate (e.g talking too much and chewing loudly when eating). Also, when they're fighting, one moment, they are shouting at each other, one person resenting the other; then, one of them walks out then the other grabs that persons wrist and pulls that person in and they start making out. *FACEPALM* That doesn't even make sense! People get turned on when they're fighting? Some of you might defend them by saying "they kiss the other because they are afraid they might lose that person". Well, bullshit. Just break up already! You're too young. You're like, what, 12? 16? 20? You're still young. You might meet more people who you are compatible with.

Another thing: the things they do for the people they think they "love" but don't really know that much about that person. Why would you even drink bleach or jump off a cliff for that person? Why completely change yourself for a guy or a girl who doesn't like a dominant trait that you have? It's not worth it! For example, you like stuffed animals so much. You also collect them. But the girl you like doesn't like you having such a hobby. Dude, you shouldn't stop doing what you love so much just for that girl. She's a bitch if she could even ask you to give up something so important to you. Don't be with her. Find someone who would collect stuffed animals with you. You don't deserve that kind of treatment. Okay?!

I just really hate romance movies. Blech.

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