Saturday, February 18, 2017

Just the Bird and the Millipede

I lie on my bed, my head hurting a little,
I looked up, and see this little millipede
These guys are everywhere now
Maybe it's because of the frequent rains?
I don't know,
It seems they have invaded our home


Also, earlier this morning,
Or should I say this noon,
A bird flew in our house
Then hit the screen on our window
It flew in circles as it got confused
And kept hitting the screen
So I grabbed it
I read online that if a bird gets contact with a human,
Other birds will not go near it anymore
But whatever, I really wanted to hold a bird
Because I didn't ever got to
I remember one time when I was in elementary
These two high schoolers were walking outside our school building
There weren't many people anymore because it was aready dismissal
And these flock of birds flew towards them
And one of them caught one
And I was fckngly jealous or envious
Because thise days, I was bird hunting
Trying to catch one just to be able to hold one
Anyways, I showed it to my mom and my brother who were downstairs
I took a pic of it for remembrance

Mom, wanted to snip a part of its tail for remembrance and good luck
I didn't let her and I set it free
She got a little pissed

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