Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Explaining Why It's Like This

People really don't believe me when I say I've never had a boyfriend since birth. Ugh. I even hate typing or saying that word. I don't even like talking about it. It's not that I'm so bitter about it. It's like, for me, an equivalent word for moist, only that I don't have any problems with the word moist, only with "boyfriend" or "girlfriend". Ugh. I said it again.

Not to brag— but to just make a point, I possess a lot of likeable characteristics. As one of my former teachers in high school said, I'm a package. Meaning, I already have it all. I already sound boastful and I already hate myself for it but it's true. I'm pretty, I'm smart, I can write, I can draw, I'm great at math, I'm kind, not to mention I'm proficient in a variety of musical instruments, I understand science, I have 20/20 vision, I am also a fast learner; the list could just go on. I know, I'm too full of myself, that's why I don't shout this out in public. I just make people tell me how great I am first by showing it to them, before I try to talk about it so I won't sound so arrogant.

I possess all of these qualities and people are wondering why— why I am still not in a relationship. Well, I just refuse to stoop to their level wherein they think being in a romantic relationship matters that much, as if you can't live without having one. I think only people who aren't capable of controlling their hormones and give in easily to what their amygdala makes them think what it wants them to think are the ones who undergo romantic relationships. Well, for those my age and younger anyway. Don't they realize it's just dopamine that they're feeling? Just nature's way to show that we need to procreate? I guess not because while they're busy dating, I'm busy watching educational shows and staying in school. Idk, I have a low EQ. I don't care for emotions. Heck, I don't like them. They just make progress slower. Don't get me wrong, I care for others, but not how they're emoting.

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