Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Just a Good Deed

It was raining moderately so I sprinted toward my house as I got off the jeepney. As I turned right, I saw a dog that fell in the canal. I stopped running and it was so poor. I picked it up from the canal and put it down on the street so it wouldn't die there. A girl and an older woman saw me pick it up. They said it got hit by a taxi. That explains how its hind legs seemed broken. They didn't know whose it was. It wasn't mine either. They said to just put it down on the side so it wouldn't get rained on. The older woman settled a piece of plywood over it. It was really pitiful to watch. The dog was shivering and injured and all. But hey, at least I did something, right? I didn't just go on running and leave that dog there in the canal to die.

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