Monday, February 20, 2017

Just Stargazing

I saw a meteor last night, while I was thinking deeply as I was gazing at the sky. I don't know so what if. It had an orange hue and I wasn't really expecting to see one. I see shooting stars when I wasn't expecting them. Maybe they do that to distract me from my thoughts, to leave me off track, to prevent me from sinking too deep that I will not be able to go back to the surface. When I try to search for something, they don't appear. They just show up it is already insignificant to you, when the situation's not convenient for it to be there, when you already need something else.

I really like staring at starry skies. It's as if you can reach up and touch a black wall with little white lights on it, like the black mess is just only a few feet up, like it is a hard surface and not an infinite space expanding to million miles away, like the little white dots are just really dots and not big enormous glowing gaseous balls from light years away.

Right now, from the corner of my eye, as I was typing those, I think another shooting star passed by, and it covered a long distance, not like the other ones I see that immediately disappear. It travelled from one side of the sky to the other, from the right to the left. But I am not sure. Maybe it was a bat or a mosquito. I only saw it from the corner of my left eye. It's really different when you see it as you are watching the sky and it passes right in front of your eyes, not like when you're distracted and you turn your eyes toward it and it's already too late.

I used to make wishes. But I realized, shooting stars aren't that uncommon. There are also no correlation with dead flying nitrogen-enriched glowing balls to your deepest desires being granted. There isn't a science behind it, just superstition. I don't believe in astrology, just coincidences.

Damn, Coldplay songs really suit stargazing activities. It makes you feel ethereal (I can't find another word but I'm sure there is a better one that suits the feeling.)

The sky is moonless so more stars will be seen, but not like those I see in National Geographic where there are billions of them that they look so powdery and make the sky glow, with the lights they emit reflect on your skin. I want to see that type of sky, but I don't think I can, right here anyway, because of the city lights light polluting the sky.

I like it when there is a full moon because it really lights up the streets. The moonlight sometimes enters my room and illuminates the walls. Sometimes when I'm walking on streets, the surroundings get so lit, I wonder if it's the moon really giving off the light or if there's a lamp nearby. In the end, it actually was moonlight.

Seems that I've typed a lot. I'm just trying to distract my mind from stuff I don't want to think about, like how much I hate how the people around me are so dense and conceited, with no sense of understanding of other people's situation at all. They only think of themselves and what's best for only them. They don't realize that I'm not that stupid and I actually become more and more tolerant as time passes. I don't think I'll blow up anytime soon but I am slowly tearing myself up, slowly declining, slowly and gradually releasing whatever it is, slowly taking years from my existence.

Closing Time by Semisonic is a good song to end this post to. Man, I think I've been typing for about fifteen minutes or more.

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