Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Just Torn

I'm thinking about going to a doctor and have him write a prescription wherein I am not allowed to work in group projects anymore especially when the groupmates are stupid and inconsiderate because it results to stress and then leads to suicidal thoughts which in turn make me hurt myself. He will write a medical certificate that will convince my Physical Education instructor to let me off in going on working with people who just don't cooperate and... motherfucker I can't describe how much they are tchhhchxhsztsskszxzkks so full of MOTHERFUCKINGSTUPIDSONOFABITCHICANTTAKEITANYMORE. Maybe the doctor will write something that will allow me to just stop going to school because I can't deal with the people around me anymore. I only like two subjects I have right now. They are the reason why the other classes I have are tolerable. I probably could learn a lot more by staying home and reading the modules instead. I'm even smarter than the teachers. Fuck them. Fuck people. Fuck my life.

This picture pretty much shows a lot of what I am feeling right now.

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