Saturday, February 25, 2017

Just Trying to Not Give a Crap

I don't like being taken advantage of
and people are so dense that they think that I'm so stupid that I don't realize it
Things were so much better when I'm indifferent
Not a single care in the world
Not a single fuck given
Not one concern about people whining to me
But I guess things change

There's such a thing as character development
A person changes for the better
or they change for the worse
There are also who stay the same
Once a brat, always a brat
Once a doofus, always a doofus
Once a burden, always a burden

To be able to fly,
you must cut down the things weighing you down
but what if the thing that you're supposed to cut down
cries and gets mad at you when you try to leave it behind
Should you still cut the strings?
What did you even do wrong?
Why would they even do that?
Is it me? Or is it them?

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