Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Just WU (woke up)

I want to remember my dream but all I could remember was that we were in the JEEP lab and Lance was reporting. All he did was chant super super super super candace candace candace candace again and again until his report was over. My centipede toy fell in front of sir Jake and he smiled. He had a confused face with the report. I don't remember that much but I think he was mad. Angel had a handout of Lance's report and I asked where was the word "super" or "candace" there, why he kept repeating it. The words were there but they only appeared once, not repeatedly. After that I went to the back of the room and saw Margot there. We talked a little but then I noticed her skin was covered with stretchmarks. They were really dark and all over her body. They were on her legs, thighs, arms. It looked like she had skin snake. I don't remember what happened next but I think I woke up.

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