Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Just Insolent Forks

I don't get why people get mad at me if I don't help them cheat during exams. It's not my fault if they' didn't study. It's not my fault if they're stupid. It's not my fault if their head is filled with air and a bunch of things that doesn't even contribute to society. They don't even consider the fact that I won't have any benefits if I let them copy my answers. In fact, it puts me in a risk of getting caught, and make me end up failing the exam. The reason that they gave me was that it's what classmates do. So, what you're saying is, what I gain in helping you pass the test is developing a better classmate-relationship? Dude, that doesn't even make sense. You don't even help during times of distress. You just walk away when there is stuff to do. You just bring me down when I do not have business with you. And now, you're just going to get mad at me if I don't help you? What kind of overbearing narcissistic bastard are you? We are not even that close. You are an apathetic. You even made our team lose when you decided not to show up during the event that you were supposed to show up. You don't help me. You make up a lot of reasons that will somehow prevent your lazy ass from doing any work. I don't freaking like you. Get out of my damn crap and get your own crap together. Don't bring me into your shit when nothing is going your way. Not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. Son of a bitch you're lucky I wasn't able to think of this response while you were getting angry at me.

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